Look! Up in the sky. It’s Comarch Loyalty Cloud.

It doesn’t take a superhero to put together a successful brand loyalty program, although there are times when it may seem that you need to be faster than a speeding bullet, as well as more powerful than a locomotive.

That was the motive behind a clever marketing campaign launched by Comarch, a global provider of cutting-edge IT products for improving customer engagement when the company decided to launch its Comarch Loyalty Cloud (CLC) platform — a scaled-down version of its hefty Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM) platform — for small to medium-size brands.

The company decided to take a tongue-in-cheek approach promoting the new platform with a creative comic book that features a superhero who helps create a brand loyalty program.

“There are so many text-heavy articles and white papers about loyalty, and this is such a quick and easy read,” says Sandra Czerska, Business Development Manager for Comarch Loyalty Cloud. “It helps any audience loyalty and what it is about.”

Loyalty Management Platform on a Smaller Scale
The CLM enterprise version has been a hallmark for Comarch for the past 20 years, helping develop successful programs for Fortune 500 brands such as JetBlue Airlines, Costa Coffee in Europe, and the Ford Motor Company.

When companies that were smaller than what Comarch has been working with came knocking about implementing a loyalty management platform on a smaller scale, the company went to work to develop solutions that could perform the functions needed at a much cheaper cost.

“We have been able to provide some amazing results with them, but over the years, we have had many medium-sized companies reach out to us,” Czerska says. “Even though they are great brands, they just didn’t have the resources that a $2 billion enterprise does. We saw an opportunity to provide some great loyalty solutions uniquely tailored for these small to medium size companies, and that’s how the idea for Comarch Loyalty Cloud solution came to be.”

Comarch didn’t just repackage the CLM program and offer it in a mini version of itself; their technical engineers wanted to create a product that would serve small and medium-size companies with a more intuitive setup, quicker deployment, and — most importantly — have a price tag that is more accessible for companies outside the Fortune 500.

“Based on our experience with CLM, we adopted functionalities into CLC that are universal requirements for a loyalty program,” Czerska says. “But we made it an advanced and automated tool where companies don’t need to dedicate resources to manage the program on a daily basis.”

Quickly Learn and Manage Loyalty Programs
The CLC platform offers guidance every step of the way when creating and launching a new loyalty program for a brand, which Czerska says allows anybody at the brand to quickly learn and manage it. They also created different price packages that allow customers to ‘pay-as-you-go’ to see the platform’s benefits as they grow the loyalty program.

“Anyone could pick it up and learn how to use it,” she says of the CLC. “It doesn’t require a lot of training, but you can still create all the rules and promotions that are needed.”

The CLC is a robust, modular platform that Comarch promises will allow a brand to easily incorporate advanced promotion strategies and rewarding schemes into customer engagement tactics. Brands can fully enjoy all the features of the CLC platform just a few days after they sign the contract because the product enables a brand to bypass the time-consuming project implementation process and start driving customer loyalty quickly.

The CLC modular structure consists of both the front and backend application, mobile app, as well as open API, which enables easy integration with external data sources. Coupling that with batch interfaces, and Czerska says that CLC makes integration with 3rd party software effortless as the extensions are created using dynamic attributes/configuration parameters.

The promotions engine is the heart of the CLC platform; the flexible promotion mechanism allows brands to quickly react to specific examples of customer behavior by distributing coupons, sending notifications using multiple communication channels, and offer product discounts, just to name a few.

“It also helps a brand engage clients using techniques that go beyond the traditional scope of customer loyalty,” Czerska says. “For example, it enables a brand to define promotions for the whole receipt or specific products, as well as refer to both single transactions and accumulated values.”

Additional Features and Benefits
On the other hand, CLC’s External Event mechanism gives brands the opportunity to extend the list of members’ behavior without limits and integrate any of the available data sources that can track specific member-performed actions.

“It makes monitoring the performance of loyalty programs both possible and business-relevant,” Czerska says.
CLC also allows brands to design and implement an enrollment and registration plan that suits their business needs, including the possibility to build member-gets-member promotions.

The Comarch marketing team had fun creating the comic book that is being used to promote the new platform, Czerska says, and the campaign has made an impact in its messaging.

“The goal was to show how sometimes setting up loyalty programs is easy,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be complex.”

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