Sick of all those frayed “Buy ten, get one free” loyalty cards that are stuffing up your wallet?

Toss 'em in the trash.

Tech startups are looking to take the hard work out of loyalty and rewards programs for small businesses, offering New York City shoppers lots of freebies along the way.

Belly, a tech company from Chicago that just entered the New York market, creates customized rewards programs for participating merchants.

Shoppers who sign up get a Belly card or app that they use to earn and redeem rewards. A sample deal: Eat at Sigma Burger Pie in Greenwich Village four times and get a free gelato with your burger.

LocalBonus, based in Koreatown in Manhattan, lets shoppers earn cash back at participating merchants by simply using their credit or debit cards. That's on top of the rewards they get from the card issuers.


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