Nutrisystem Customer Experience Helps Build Brand Advocates

Customer experience is a matter of the utmost significance.

At Nutrisystem, a good and memorable customer experience lays the foundation for future brand advocacy.
Nutrisystem’s goals are to support its customers on their weight loss journey by providing the tools they need to stay on track as well as inspirational and motivational content. Its multichannel online customer experience gives customers the ability to interact how, when, and where they want. And to support their strong desire for content, especially video content, that content is now presented in the format that fits each individual customer needs. Customers now can engage with this content while they are customizing their next order or tracking their progress on NuMi or the app of their choice.

Steve Mikulak, SVP marketing at Nutrisystem, talked to Loyalty360 about Nutrisystem’s approach regarding the collection and leveraging of customer insights enhance and personalize the customer experience.
“We encourage our customers to use our app, NuMi, to track their food, activity, and weight loss,” Mikulak explained. “Based on the information we collect through the app, we tailor their content and overall experience.”

Mikulak believes that consumers are changing. 

“We have adapted by being more flexible,” he explained. “Not just in the types of programs we offer, but how, when, and where we interact with the consumer. Whether it is on desktop, IOS, Android, tablets, apps, chat, or speaking to a live person, we provide options that best fit for each individual’s needs.”
What’s more, Mikulak views CX as the key differentiator today among brands.

“CX is a very important part of our success,” he said. “When customers enjoy their experience with us, they have an overall higher satisfaction with the brand. This higher satisfaction leads to a higher lifetime value, but also just as important, they become brand advocates. Consumers are then telling family, friends, and colleagues about their positive experiences with Nutrisystem.”

Brands seek to create alignment between their customer loyalty efforts, technology, customer expectations, and the brand promise.
“As a company, we are helping people lose weight and live healthy lives,” Mikulak explained. “Everything we do centers around supporting our customers reach their personal weight loss goals. The food and overall program, to every interaction we have with the consumer, are centered around helping the customer be successful.”   
Mikulak talked about customer experience measurement.
“We look at the engagement across all of our tools,” he said. “How many customers are using our tools and how often. Things like our app, content site, and counseling. We have worked hard to improve all of our touch points with the consumer, and the more they interact with us, the more we are able to learn about what they need and want, allowing us to continue to enhance the overall experience.”
Personalizing that customer experience is an ongoing challenge.

“The number of iterations,” Mikulak said when asked about the main challenge of personalization. “Each consumer is looking for their own unique experience. Being able to cover every possible experience is the challenge for the team.”

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