Mirror, Mirror on the (Nordstrom) Wall, Who Has the Coolest Customer Experience of them All?

On Black Friday, shoppers at Nordstrom in Seattle and San Jose took part in a cutting-edge customer experience as part of the store’s partnership with eBay that brings technology to the fitting rooms.

The new technology, developed by eBay, features a touchscreen mirror that shoppers in Nordstrom fitting rooms can use to track the items brought into the room and receive information about the store’s inventory.

“How do you most efficiently use physical space to let people discover products?” said Steve Yankovich, Head of Innovation and New Ventures at eBay Inc. in a release “Our retail innovation team is building out answers to that question by putting new concepts in front of consumers. These will lead to big, big changes in retail.”

“There are less and less mannequins you’ve seen in stores,” Yankovich added. “Displays, video and connected touch walls can make seeing what products look like in actual use much more engaging and true to life. Many surfaces and spaces in stores aren’t used efficiently.  There are opportunities to help consumers have much more engaging shopping experiences.”

In early November, eBay launched a similar program on the East coast at a Rebecca Minkoff store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.  The West coast pilot will feature “connected fitting rooms” at Westfield’s Southcenter Mall in Seattle and Westfield’s Valley Fair in San Jose.

The newest launch, like NYC’s, allows shoppers to use an interactive mirror to see learn additional information about the clothing they’ve brought into the fitting room including what other sizes and colors are in stock at the store. The mirror will also offer shoppers advice on similar items at the store. Nordstrom sales associates will scan the shopper’s items bar codes outside the fitting room to get the process started. In the future, eBay hopes to streamline the process using RFID tags.

The mirror will make recommendations to provide cross-selling opportunities.

The mirror also lets shoppers pay for items in the fitting room, who can communicate with Nordstrom associates equipped with their own app to let them know they’re ready to check out. Associates can also communicate with shoppers as they try on clothes to bring them requested clothing.

The communication can also be used by Nordstrom to glean insight on customer habits in order to create better customer experience and loyalty programs.


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