Nielsen’s New Customer Experience Solution Focuses on Listening

Nielsen Article Image Listen to CustomerNielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, wants to help marketers differentiate their customer experiences through listening.

Nielsen announced an extension of its existing global alliance with ResponseTek, a global leader in customer experience management (CEM) software. Together, Nielsen and ResponseTek are bringing to the U.S. a powerhouse customer experience solution through a new global solution for clients: The Nielsen Listening Platform.

Loyalty360 caught up with Mike de Vere, managing director, consumer insights, Nielsen to gain more insight regarding the new Nielsen Listening Platform.

How did this partnership come about with ResponseTek and what prompted the launch of this CX solution?

Nielsen has 30+ years of experience across the globe in Customer Experience. We identified the need to measure transactional level interactions and provide closed-loop feedback systems to clients in addition to the strategic insights we deliver to help clients differentiate themselves through delivering excellent experiences.

What makes this solution unique and how can it help marketers impact the customer experience?Nielsen Article Callout

It goes beyond traditional CEM solutions because we look at the impact each touch point has on the overall customer experience and whether each touch point is delivering the brand promise. No other solution looks at how touch points are influencing brand perceptions and equity.

How important is listening for loyalty marketers?

Listening is extremely important for loyalty marketers because it can tell us how well we’re doing, where we’re falling short, and where we are delighting. Understanding this allows us to prioritize the investments that will maximize retention and growth.

How can this solution link customer attitudes about the CX through actual purchase behavior?

Nielsen is uniquely positioned to bring together its rich purchase behavior data with consumer attitudes towards the consumer experience. With the Nielsen Listening platform, we can integrate this information into one ecosystem that will enable our clients to make more informed decisions to drive improvement. We have the opportunity and capabilities to make decisions beyond just consumer attitudes. Through the linkage of attitudes and behaviors, our clients will understand how to leverage CX insights to drive actual business outcomes.

What can CX as a differentiator mean to marketers?

A profitable, growing business driven by the voice of the customer instead of a stagnant, internally-focused organization.

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