Newegg Brand LoyaltyNewegg, one of the top tech-focused e-retailers in North America, knows a little something about customer engagement and brand loyalty. Company officials promote a community atmosphere that’s conducive acquiring and, more importantly, retaining customers.

For example, during October, Newegg celebrates Gametober, its annual gamer-focused month, with a sweepstakes, along with a slew of great deals to outfit avid gamers with the latest gear and free Premier membership for shoppers spending more than $200 this month.

James Wu, COO of Newegg, told Loyalty360 that Gametober exemplifies the company’s commitment to gaming.

“Gamers have always been a core part of our customer base and Gametober gives us a great opportunity to have fun and offer them some great deals on titles, consoles, and gaming accessories,” Wu said. “We expect Gametober to lead to increased Premier signups, especially at the time of year when people start gearing up for holiday shopping.”Newegg customer engagement

The company’s loyalty program–Newegg Premier–gives customers great deals, affordable shipping options, and expedited customer care when the need arises.

“We find all of these benefits are equally appreciated by all of our customer segments,” Wu explained. “We also have a student version that targets college users that offers free shipping for textbooks and only costs half as much as regular Premier.”

Simplicity is important, Wu noted.

“We strive to deliver a consistent and efficient customer experience at every point of interaction,” he said. “We are constantly adding new services, such GameCrate ( and Unlocked (, which provide great community centers for enthusiasts. The biggest challenge is to be everywhere our customers shop. Mobile is always being talked up for its importance in the customer journey. The second challenge is getting products in their hands faster. We are opening new warehouses, such as the one in Vancouver this week, to ensure things get to customers faster and redeveloping our mobile products to make them even more convenient to use. At the end of the day, you just need to listen to your customers. We have a daily meeting and review the previous day’s tweets, Facebook comments, and other social conversations involving Newegg. It is a great way to keep in touch with your customers.”

That community feel is what Newegg prides itself on and always promotes to customers. 

“You don’t just shop at Newegg, you become part of our community,” Wu explained. “You read the reviews, you come to our events, you get to have an impact on what we do. We listen and respond in a very tangible manner. We keep it real and our community appreciates it.” 

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