New Website Tells Brother Canada’s Story That Promotes Customer Engagement

Brother has been operating in Canada since 1960, providing the country with its staple of technology-based office equipment—typewriters, cash registers, adding machines, calculators, word processors, laser printers, fax machines, scanners. But company officials realized that they needed to do something about their name recognition and brand image. They wanted to tell their story more clearly to attract more customers and, ultimately, more brand loyalty.
So, the company began by completely reworking its most publically facing asset: its website.
“The old site did not reflect our brand image and creative like we wanted to,” France Landreville, Senior Director of Marketing for Brother Canada, told Loyalty360. “Through our new website, we wanted to showcase our brand image and creative platform and tell the Brother story—who Brother Canada is, what its soul is. Our new site is not only about selling products, it’s about finding the balance between telling the Brother Canada brand story and selling our products.”
What’s more, Landreville said company officials needed to address two very different customer targets: Printers and sewers. The company began as a sewing machine manufacturer.
“In the past, we treated both of these customers the same way, yet, they have very different buying approaches, behaviors, and engagement,” Landreville said. “For example, printing customers who visit our site are in search of a commodity product, attractive pricing and are usually specs-driven customers, while our sewing customers look for very highly engaging features and favor lifestyle and community building details. Therefore, our new site reflects and provides more lifestyle content to sewers including a blog, while it also focuses on product specs and features first for our printers and business customers. We also launched a new loyalty program (Brother Care) at the same time, which tremendously improved our product offering and our ‘At Your Side’ commitment to customers.” 
The new site brought to market enhanced product selection tools and a streamlined purchasing experience for Brother Canada customers. Since the launch, the growth in net sales, transaction volume, and unique visitors has been substantial, and cart abandonment rate has dropped significantly.
The Brother Canada legacy website was built on an outdated platform that lacked agility, and the ability to quickly and easily modify content by business users. The site structure was organized and built with a product-centric perspective rather than based on customers’ needs.
With a recent launch of its new brand image, Brother Canada’s new website reflects the company’s dynamic branding and completely reconfigures the e-commerce experience.
The new website empowers customers to engage with Brother Canada’s content, discover the appropriate products, and easily make purchases through a host of experience-rich features, including:

  • Product comparison guide
  • Product selection grid and tool
  • Customer reviews
  • New shopping cart
  • New guest checkout
  • Repurchase button and recurrent purchases
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive site design
“Compared to the old site, our new site provides many new customer-oriented features and enhanced navigations capabilities, such as a mobile-enabled and responsive site, a product comparison guide and product selling tool for a better purchase experience, customer reviews feature, new shopping cart and new guest checkout feature, as well as a repurchase button and re-current purchases feature,” Landreville added.
Brother Canada began 58 years ago in a one-room office that shared storage space with the Eastern Venetian Blind Co. It moved to the site of an old drive-in theater in 1990 and now occupies a 200,000-square-foot building in Montreal.
It also boasts a distribution center in Vancouver, a Toronto office, a Greater Toronto distribution facility in 2017, and sales teams across the country.

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