New Tool Eases Airline Loyalty Program Engagement

Among the largest points of friction for customers trying to engage with loyalty programs is the hassle of registering purchases in order to earn points. The more a customer has to work in order to earn rewards, the less likely they are to remain loyal to a brand. According to Colloquy research, the average U.S. household belongs to 29 loyalty programs, but only engages in 12. This disengagement has a number of potential solutions, but a seamless way to earn points is undoubtedly among the most effective.
This improvement of the point-earning experience is the reasoning behind SkyTeam’s innovative new addition to its members’ frequent flyer programs. The new retroactive credit tool ensures that customers don’t miss out on valuable miles due to the hassle of post-trip eligibility claims. With the new service, customers will only need to enter their flight details to process the claim, significantly improving the experience of manually entering these claims in order to earn points.
SkyTeam is an alliance of 20 airlines around the world, with Delta being the most well-known among U.S. travelers. Other members include AirFrance and Korean Air.
"We are offering a fast, simple and seamless way to claim missing miles across the alliance for our more than 200 million frequent flyers," said Michael Schutzbank, SkyTeam's Director for Customer Loyalty. "Uncredited flights can make a difference when it comes to a customer's status level or being able to claim an award ticket, but this quick and easy solution ensures our frequent flyers benefit from every mile flown."
While the tool will not be entirely passive—customers will still need to enter flight information—it seeks to smooth out a process that had previously locked flyers out of points that were simply unclaimed.
"SkyTeam's new retroactive credit tool is another example of how our alliance is leading the industry in customer-centric innovation," said Perry Cantarutti, SkyTeam's CEO and Managing Director. "Loyalty is a key focus for SkyTeam. We greatly value our frequent flyers and our ongoing investment in technology will continue to deliver value both for customers and our member airlines by enhancing every aspect of the travel experience."

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