New Seasons Market 1.11A regional grocer wants to take an often tedious process−checkout−and turn it into a memorable positive experience. Unique grocer New Seasons Market, located primarily in the Pacific Northwest, is partnering with Digimarc to take its innovative brand another step further in terms of providing exceptional customer experience and fostering brand loyalty. This initiative is driven, in large part, by new Digimarc Barcodes that will make the checkout process simple, seamless, and even engaging.

The new barcode system will appear in New Seasons Market beginning early this year. Unlike standard barcodes, which can only be scanned directly on the coded square, Digimarc Barcodes are invisibly embedded on every side of a product’s packaging, allowing it to be scanned from any angle. A seemingly small change, the companies hope that the new barcodes will make a big impact on customer experience.

“New Seasons prides itself on providing a shopping experience that is more than just a transaction,” said Sean Teisher, senior IT director at New Seasons. “Working with Digimarc gives us the ability to let our knowledgeable and passionate staff be the crucial customer touch point we want them to be. It’s important to us that our employees are able to devote their attention to customers and make sure they are able to help in any way they can.”

Cashier interaction is a significant touch point for grocery stores, and a particularly engaging checkout experience can be an effective way to build customer loyalty. With cashiers less concerned with finding and precisely scanning barcodes, they’re free to interact with customers and create a positive customer experience.New Seasons Market Customer Engagement

“New Seasons is a leader in creating neighborhood gathering places, delivering trademark customer service and partnering with farmers and producers to bring their customers the best in the region,” said Bruce Davis, CEO at Digimarc. “We are excited for the role our Digimarc Barcode will play in further enhancing consumer engagement with their brands at retail and making greater product information accessible in a simple and easy way.”

Smartphones have affected our daily lives in a countless number of ways, and grocery shopping is growing exponentially as another experience augmented by smartphone technology.

A Harris poll survey found that 78% of U.S. adult shoppers would like more information about products while shopping. Simply by scanning products, phone apps can provide additional details like nutrition facts, recipe ideas, and special discounts. With New Seasons Market’s barcodes, this scanning process will improve brand loyalty by saving customers precious time and hassle during the shopping experience.

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