Samsung User Experience

As Smart TVs continue to grow within the world of technology, Samsung Electronics has taken another step in providing users with a smooth, seamless, and unparalleled customer experience. The company unveiled a new user interface on Saturday called Smart Hub. The UI will make use of the Samsung Smart Control remote, also unveiled in the announcement. These innovations are just part of Samsung’s long-term customer experience plans.

The goal for the company is to keep up with the transition of televisions into all-in-one media devices, used more for streaming and apps than for simply watching broadcast TV. In terms of customer engagement, the new control options will give users more options in interacting with their chosen streaming devices.

“As the world of TV is constantly changing with more choices and more connected devices than ever before, we have made it easier for people to discover and watch the content they want, when they want it,” said Won Jin Lee, Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Visual Display. “In 2016, Samsung’s Smart Hub and Smart Control remote are providing the most streamlined, convenient and intuitive TV user experience. Together, they offer the choices and performance consumers expect from today’s home entertainment technology.”

By integrating media from various devices into one easy-to-use interface, Smart Hub is Samsung’s response to the ever-growing array of options when it comes to video content. The UI allows users to easily switch between broadcast television, Blu-ray players, online streaming, and even connected gaming systems.Samsung Customer Experience

The Smart Control remote, designed for use with the new interface, is a modern evolution of traditional universal remotes. Perhaps its most progressive feature, automatic source recognition, gives users the ability to control the content they want to watch, regardless of which device is broadcasting.

“Our goal was to give consumers a new type of experience, integrating live TV with streaming services and other content sources,” said Chris Turkstra, Vice President of the Samsung Customer Experience Lab. “No longer will consumers need to keep track of multiple remotes to control individual devices; all they need is one Samsung Smart TV.”

Smart Hub and Smart Control are only part of Samsung’s push into the future of customer experience. The company is constantly working to innovate in spaces like wearable technology and the Internet of Things (called Samsung SmartThings). 

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