New Partnership Helps Bond Brand Loyalty Use Gamification for Strategic Customer Engagement

It’s game on for Bond Brand Loyalty.
Bond Brand Loyalty, a leading global customer engagement agency, continues to build on a series of recent partnerships as a way to further enhance its abilities to deliver increased customer and employee engagement. After securing partnerships with Salesforce and RedPoint, the company has now joined with CataBoom, a behavioral marketing engagement platform.
The partnership allows Bond Brand Loyalty to further enhance its gamification offerings. Games and game mechanics increase conversion rates by three times or more and are critical in ensuring the needs of today’s changing consumers.
By using games and game mechanics to engage and instantly reward customers, Bond Brand Loyalty can provide enhanced strategies that drive customer acquisition, refine personalized engagement, and increase retention, said Maria Pallante, the company’s VP of Loyalty Solutions.
Pallante talked to Loyalty360 about the new partnership with CataBoom.
“As a leading customer engagement agency, we continue to expand our offerings to help meet the rapid and increasing market demands that our global clients are dealing with,” Pallante explained. “Part of our strategy includes partnerships that complement and extend our capabilities, to help brands engage their customers and, ultimately, drive profitable business outcomes. CataBoom’s offering, specifically, allows us to be agile and deploy programs and games quickly to personalize, engage, and build lasting brand loyalty.” 
Pallante said that Bond Brand Loyalty’s goals are tied to its client goals.
“With this partnership, and others, we ensure that Bond is ahead of the curve—meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations by helping them capture and delight their customers and employees along their journey in new and exciting ways,” she said.
Pallante said there are many applications for gamification with Bond Brand Loyalty’s overall strategy.
“Namely, we see gamification within loyalty, specifically, the CataBoom partnership, working in three ways,” she explained.

  1. Employee engagement: Teaching your employees new skills through gamification makes it fun and is proven to change behaviors and yield greater results
  2. Acquisition tool: It may be utilized as an intake mechanism to capture data on prospective customers along the journey to brand loyalty
  3. Part of the loyalty construct: A fun and interesting way to create engagement with a brand beyond the monetary transaction
Pallante described the current state of gamification in the loyalty industry.
“Gamification enjoyed a lot of buzz in recent years,” she explained. “Now, we are seeing the maturation of its application, with the loyalty industry leveraging the mechanism for strategic engagement. Due to a strong positive response from consumers who want to engage with brands in new and fun ways, gamification—and the platforms that facilitate it—have become an important part of our toolkit.”
How is gamification profitable for brands?
“When used well, gamification helps brands to acquire, retain, and engage their customers in ways that excite and engender them to the brand,” Pallante said. “We know that it’s a strong driver of customer satisfaction, with two- to three-times more conversions. Not only can it impact customer say, stay, and spend metrics, it is also a useful tool for impacting employee behaviors and engagement.”

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