New Loyalty Program Brings Energy and Excitement to Pizza Boli’s

Founded in 1985, Pizza Boli’s has 79 locations in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It’s a very exciting time at Pizza Boli’s due to its new website and very new loyalty program called Boli’s Rewards−which launched in October.

Maroula Mavrophilipos, Marketing Director for Pizza Boli’s, told Loyalty360 that customers asked for a loyalty program through comments and social media.

“We also conducted research on our industry and wanted to make sure we stay current,” Mavrophilipos said.

Boli’s Rewards offers free food by means of a $10 credit, not a specific sized pizza or a specific menu item.

“This allows customers to use their Reward on whichever Pizza Boli’s food item they like best,” Mavrophilipos explained. “It seemed silly for us to offer points on all food types purchased and then to limit our customers to sides or pizzas via the Reward. Through conceptualization, we kept asking ourselves, ‘What if a customer earned all their points purchasing our Overstuffed Subs? Why not allow them to use the Reward for another Sub?’ We didn't want to limit their selections when we take pride in our variety.”

The program has more than 10,000 members since it launched in October and has elicited a positive change in the restaurant atmosphere.

“Energized and fun!” Mavrophilipos said of the atmosphere. “It was the beginning of a larger list of projects, so it was very motivating to launch the first part! We knew that the program would be successful since our customers were actually asking for it!” 

Customers can sign up for the program by using a phone number and email address.

Then, their Rewards account is linked to their online ordering. Customers receive 50 points just for signing-up. From there, every time a customer places an online order for pick-up or delivery, they will receive 1 point for every dollar that they spend, before taxes, tips, and fees. These points never expire. When a customer reaches 150 points, they receive their $10 Boli’s Reward via email and their account resets to zero points. The Reward is valid for 90 days.

“Customer loyalty, to us, comes from consistent positive connections with our brand,” Mavrophilipos added. “Our ‘We Deliver More’ slogan goes beyond our variety; it describes our focus on quality ingredients, friendly service, dependability, and fun experiences. When our customers feel and experience these aspects and perceive value, they gain trust in who we are and then become loyal to us. It is not the definition that has evolved for us, but the manners in which we attempt to gain customer loyalty. Prior to the creation of the Boli’s Rewards program, we spent a few years focusing and growing our community involvement and social contesting / sweepstakes to create excitement for our customers about our brand, beyond their purchases.”

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