Customer service has expanded to a number of different channels in recent years, and consumers now expect their favorite brands to have the ability to solve issues across any given platform. Providing this kind of customer experience has proven to be one of the largest challenges faced by brands today.
Aiding in this quest for true omnichannel customer engagement is LiveWorld, a software provider that recently announced the release of their latest SaaS (software as a service). The platform will allow users to seamlessly track and respond to customer communications across social media and messaging apps in real time, providing a solution to the demands of today’s connected consumer.
“Leading brands in the 21st century can now leverage 1-on-1 personal conversations in social media platforms to deliver great customer experiences,” said Peter Friedman, Chairman and CEO of LiveWorld. “We are empowering companies to build relationships, solve problems, and drive sales.”
There’s a renewed focus on messaging apps in the wake of Facebook’s announcement that “chatbots” were coming to the brand's Messenger app, and companies are scrambling to catch up with the advancements being made in digital customer service.
With LiveWorld, companies will be able to more easily manage conversations on social media, as well as integrating pre-existing customer information to form a more complete view of the consumer on the other end of the chat.
“Conquering conversational management requires solving scale and speed issues, while also empowering agents to be more knowledgeable in their interactions,” said Frank Chevallier, LiveWorld Vice President of Products. “This software enables brands to make informed decisions about when, where, and how to engage customers, and then operationalize those conversations across organizations and internal systems.”
By integrating with CRM platforms, LiveWorld is able to track existing customers and leverage conversations across the enterprise. Considering the importance of coordinating among multiple channels in customer service, this capability may prove to be a differentiating feature for the software solution.
The newest version of the software has hit the ground running; it’s already deployed at several Fortune 100 companies in retail, CPG, and travel, among other industries.

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