Fans of Penn Station East Coast Subs and its signature sandwiches, fries, and lemonade have reason to celebrate, as the company launched its new app last week, complete with a full-featured loyalty program.
Facing an increasingly mobile-based consumer, the brand saw an opportunity to engage these customers with the personalized messaging and added value that has become a trademark of some of the most successful rewards programs in the world.
Users receive a free 6-inch sub immediately upon sign-up, and have several avenues through which additional offers can be obtained. Customers earn a point for every dollar spent while enrolled in the program, which can be redeemed for fries, lemonade, or a Penn Station chocolate-chunk cookie. After reaching a certain threshold of these points, members will also earn another free 6-inch sub.
“The goal of the loyalty program is to increase customer engagement with the brand,” said Penn Station president Craig Dunaway. “We want to reward our customers and help our operators learn more about their customers so they can better serve them. The loyalty program will take our customer engagement to the next level with a program that is specific to them instead of a generic promotion.”
In addition to the loyalty program, the new app offers users a location-based store finder and a new way in which to play the company’s seasonal online games. Previously only found within a web browser, these games can now be played directly on a phone for additional offers and rewards.
“We wanted the app to be user friendly and incorporate some of the things we’re known for, like our online games,” Dunaway says. “It’s a great vehicle to launch our loyalty program, and we’re excited to keep expanding the app’s features.”
Tapping into the desire for customers to make loyalty programs into a social experience, the brand has implemented a “share” feature into the app. Customers are able to send a referral to friends via email, text message, or even social media. When that friend signs up using a unique referral code, the referring member will receive additional rewards. 

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