Nestlé Purina®, Lancôme, UFC use Loyalty Programs to Add Value to the Customer Experience

Connect with customers in unique ways at all relevant touch points – that’s a mantra for many loyalty marketers.

Adhering to this means keeping up with trends and understanding how customers want to hear from you. “Omnichannel” is a buzzword evolved from “multichannel”, which extends the idea beyond connecting with customers via all the various communication channels, to reaching them in a way that provides a seamless customer experience.

But, to foster loyalty and return customers, it is important that these seamless interactions are relevant and provide a valuable experience for the customer. If customers perceive high value from interacting with you, they will most likely continue engagement, leading to an ongoing relationship.

Some brands have taken interesting approaches, including leveraging social interactions and strategic partnerships to connect with customers.

For example, Nestle Purina®, a pet care company, is using social interactions as a reward basis.

Its loyalty program, called Purina DifferenceTM Rewards, has a “Tell-a-friend” feature to increase membership. If a customer tells a friend about the Purina Difference Rewards program, that customer is eligible to earn up to $25 of Purina feed coupons – $5.00 for each friend who signs up.

Along similar lines, Lancôme Elite Rewards offers various ways to earn rewards through sharing information and social media interactions. For example, providing a birthdate, phone number, and address gets you 100 points; connecting with Lancôme via social media earns you 50 points. Points add up to give customers access to exclusive products and other offerings that are perceived as high value for the customer.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has also made some strategic partnerships in the past year to provide a consistent experience based on what its customers want. Due to considerable crossover among guests at the MGM in Las Vegas and UFC fans, the two companies decided to join forces to offer rewards for loyalty. Top-tier members of M Life, MGM’s loyalty- program, are awarded new levels of access to UFC events and codes to watch UFC events for free. There is value for everyone involved, as the two companies understand their respective customers and capitalize on providing a rewarding experience that drives loyalty.

All in all, implementing a full omnichannel experience hinges on understanding the customer and creating value in a two-way street. These brands leverage their customers’ own social networks and interests to drive rewards, creating an increasingly personalized and consistent experience.

Loyalty360 will host a webinar on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT titled, How UFC and Nestlé Purina Green Lighted Their Loyalty Programs,” which will be presented by CrowdTwist.

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