Neiman Marcus Takes Customer Experience to Next Level with “Memory Mirror”

Neiman Marcus Customer ExperienceAs Neiman Marcus spokesperson Ginger Reeder noted to Loyalty360, the iconic company has achieved many firsts including: The first retailer with a loyalty program and the first luxury retailer on the Internet.

“All to keep up with what our customer wants in the way of her customer experience,” Reeder explained to Loyalty360.

That customer experience for Neiman Marcus patrons has gone to the next level with the launch of the “Memory Mirror.” Reeder said the highly innovative “Memory Mirror” launched in the company’s Walnut Creek (CA) store in January as well as in its San Francisco store. Next month, it will launch in Neiman’s Willow Bend (TX) store.

“We have had rave reviews from customers so far,” Reeder said.

What is the “Memory Mirror”?

It’s a new technology that has transformed the customer experience. It is a giant video screen and camera that allows shoppers to view Neiman Marcus Customer Experienceoutfits from 360 degrees, and also compare clothing options side-by-side. What’s more, it also remembers what customers have already tried on.

About 80% of Neiman’s customers are women.

The mirror records an eight-second video, which is password protected and can be emailed so shoppers can instantly see and share the results. The mirror was created by MemoMi in partnership with Neiman Marcus in Dallas.

“The customer experience has been important to us since the day we opened our first store in 1907,” Reeder said. “We are the only luxury retailer with a corporate art collection and a full-time art curator. Herbert Marcus wanted to be sure customers had a place to rest their eye while looking through an assortment of clothing. Our stores are designed to incorporate natural light and the finest of materials. All our newest initiatives−MyNM, Snap.Find.Shop, the Memory Mirrors, the Touch Tables−are geared toward making the customer experience the very best it can be.”

Customer loyalty has not changed over the years, Reeder added.

“It has just taken different forms due to the channel the customer comes to us from,” she explained. “We know that our very best customers shop with us through a variety of channels− online, mobile, in stores. Our goal is to make the shopping experience easy for her, regardless of the channel.”

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