Neiman Marcus, a leading North American retailer, is taking precautions to stay a step ahead of potential cybercriminals. Through a partnership with email data specialist Return Path, the retail brand is protecting itself from the embarrassment and loss in consumer trust that comes with a case of email fraud.  This trust is a significant driver of customer loyalty not only for Neiman Marcus, but also for companies around the world who look to email as a primary means of brand messaging.
“Our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service has made Neiman Marcus one of the most recognized and trusted luxury brands in the world. Email fraud undermines that trust, harms consumers and our business, and it needs to stop,” said Catherine Davis, Vice President of Marketing, Neiman Marcus. “We are taking proactive actions to combat potential future spoofing and phishing attacks. Working with Return Path will help us to deliver a safe customer experience for all of our valued email subscribers.”
The partnership protects against phishing attacks, which steals customer account information by disguising a third-party as an official message from the retailer. Past attacks on other brands have included emails containing malware, as well as links leading to fake sites that deceive consumers into providing personal information, account credentials, or passwords.
The technology from Return Path uses authentication-based email filtering to block fraudulent messages from unauthorized sources. Especially for a high-profile brand like Neiman Marcus, these attacks can deal a crippling blow to consumer trust if left unchecked.
“Neiman Marcus has a deep tradition of leadership in the luxury retail world, and by refusing to tolerate phishers’ abuse of its customers and brand, it can inspire other merchants to take action against email fraud,” said Rob Holmes, General Manager of Email Fraud Protection, Return Path. “Prominent organizations in virtually every industry have led the adoption of anti-phishing technology, and as more of their peers join the fight, cybercriminals will find it increasingly hard to reach new victims. By working together, reputable brands can stop email fraud for good.”
The key for Neiman Marcus is maintaining customer loyalty through trust. When shoppers see an email for the brand, they can now be certain that the message isn’t a deceptive tactic from a cybercriminal, and this confidence goes a long way in maintaining the email channel as a means of messaging.

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