Nathan’s Famous Driving Customer Loyalty with Technology Overhaul

Nathan’s Famous has announced a technology overhaul that is aimed at helping its franchisees with all of their operations.
"In the fall of 2019, we embarked on a journey to update our technology across the board in restaurants nationwide," states James Walker, Senior Vice President, Restaurants, in a press release. “It’s been quite some time since this brand took on an initiative like this one, and we believe the partnerships we’ve created since then will truly change the way our franchisees operate and how they interact with customers. The last few weeks have proved why this initiative has been so important. Enabling our system with this technology has greatly helped us navigate these uncertain times.”
The company has brought on PAR’s Brink POS and Toast as partners. These two partners are both about sales, with the Brink POS being used at the register and Toast a self-ordering kiosk, which Nathan’s Famous started rolling out in late 2019 with its first one. The Toast partnership is planned to be ushered in nationwide later this year. The company has also partnered with RestaurantMagic to help give a back-office software solution that puts the focus on inventory and food management, labor, scheduling as well as reporting and analysis.
Nathan’s Famous has also partnered with CloseComms and Targetable to try and help its franchisees reach more consumers. CloseComms gives Nathan’s Famous a SaaS platform that will allow its franchisees to give Wi-Fi to guests and integrate the app into that connection. Targetable uses AI and machine learning to optimize the way advertisements are produced and distributed. The automation tailors the ads to Nathan’s marketing goals while the AI produces the ads based on content across the company’s channels. In the first month of partnership with Targetable, Nathan’s Famous has reached more than 100,000 customers in a four-mile radius of its three test stores.
“Targetable is fairly new in the industry, and it’s forward-thinking technology like this that we are searching out to make Nathan’s Famous more successful across the country, especially during our current climate,” continues Walker in the same press release. Targetable will roll out to franchisees in the coming months, allowing them to create area-specific campaigns to drive sales and customer engagement, something we know they need as they work to communicate with customers and drive sales as the uncertainty around coronavirus continues.”

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