SlimTrader Loyalty ProgramSince Africa supports a growing and fragmented network of independent hotels, many traditional loyalty programs can have a hard time establishing a strong foothold. So it makes sense for a program to come along that takes a wide reaching, flexing and “agnostic” approach to customer engagement.

This agnostic approach has been embraced by SlimTrader, which will give travellers and hotels guests the ability to accrue points through any first or third party sellers. 

The only qualification is that members must use SlimTrader’s MoBiashara online e-commerce platform and reservation system. 

The loyalty program is called Mo'Rewardz Club and it will aggregate points and rewards across over 1,500 hotels linked across Africa. This currently includes Trip Advisor, HotelNowNow, Lagos Oriental Hotel, Protea Hotels and the Maison Fahrenheit Hotels.

"Aggregating Africa's fragmented network of hotels under one loyalty program is a big step for the travel market,” said Femi Akinde, SlimTrader's founder and CEO. “The launch of this new feature signifies, for us, the maturing of Africa's hotel & travel sector, as we work more strategically with hotels large and small to deliver choices and incentives for a new class of traveller on the continent, who expects more from their travels.”

The points Mo'Rewardz Club members earn can be used toward future free night stays or free mobile airtime. Members can even use points to pay personal bills or simply exchange them for cash. In a rather unique move that even leverages the program to enhance employee engagement, Mo'Rewardz will attempt to transform staff members into brand advocates by allowing them to also accrue points for taking reservations and checking in guests.

This new initiative will help bring the Africa loyalty-marketing industry up to the level SlimTrader believes it's capable of achieving.SlimTrader Loyalty Program

"The travel loyalty industry is currently worth billions in the West, but has barely any visibility or travel market impact in Africa,” Akinde continued. “Our Mo'Rewardz loyalty program, as well as our seamless e-commerce reservation system, makes us the go-to platform for the sector, and with this new product launch for the MoBiashara platform, we expect to onboard thousands more hotels over the next 12 months, many of whom have, until now, been unable to activate a loyalty program as they feel they are too small. We are uniting the Davids and the Goliaths of Africa's growing hotel market, under one loyalty scheme that is mutually beneficial to both hotels and travellers."

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