Reports indicate while face-to-face communication is prioritised, small and medium enterprises are looking to reduce cost on the more traditional marketing methods. ‘As the desire to understand more about consumer buying behaviour increases, more businesses approach us to enquire how engaging face-to-face with customers can grow profit margins’ says Tom Harris of Live Innovations.

Roy Blanga, managing director at Groupon UK says ' There is still a very valid and important place for more traditional face time with customers; it’s a great opportunity to encourage them to directly engage with your brand.'

About Live Innovations:

In order to retain customers, 24 per cent want to engage with customers more regularly and 28 per cent plan to create more targeted promotions via these newer channels. However, one in seven SMEs admits that they are currently unable to structure these tailored promotions accordingly. Statistics provided by Ben Lobel (16 May 2013) in 'Customer engagement top priority for small businesses this year'. Available at

Live Innovations understands that every interaction tells customers how much they are truly valued. ‘These interactions are moments of truth, when a customer learns if promises made to them will be honoured or not. In order to create great experiences for customers, we must know what our clients want the customers to feel, think and do at every stage of the relationship.' states Tom Harris of Live Innovations.

Live Innovations reports demand for their outsourcing services have increased by 7% compared to last quarter. Leading UK brands look to Live Innovations to improve customer engagement. ‘The reporting provided as part of our direct sales and marketing services can identify patterns and behaviours by specific locations and demographics. Once we understand the reasons behind purchase decisions or in other cases the ‘lack of’ purchases we can recommend to our clients a more personalised marketing strategy that will provide a higher return on their investment’ adds Tom Harris of Live Innovations.

Live Innovations prides itself on being a leading promoter for blue chip clients using the highest standard of customer service and brand awareness. Live Innovations is looking forward to expanding into other markets in the UK by the second quarter of 2014. 

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