Denver - October 18, 2010 - Mocapay and eNational Payments, a provider of mobile and contactless electronic commerce and payment processing services, today announced the implementation of a Mocapay enabled “Mobile Wallet” and eNational’s location-based, geo-fencing platform at select Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant locations. Building off of the recently announced strategic partnership between Mocapay and eNational Payments, this announcement further illustrates the importance of mobile marketing and loyalty programs for merchants across all business verticals. 

“We wanted to improve the way restaurants do business and enhance the customer experience,” said Sean Kumar, CEO, eNational Payments. “We believe expanding into the mobile space is the best way to do this. Our goal at eNational Payments is to get people to remember our merchants products and their brand, and to fully engage with them before, during and after a transaction.” 

The test launch with Maggiano’s is being conducted in select locations across the country. As part of the launch, eNational Payments will implement a geo-fencing platform within a two-mile radius around each location. Geo-fencing, or location-based marketing, is a virtual perimeter that adds the dimension of a users’ location, which can help ensure messages are relevant to both your consumers’ preferences and their location. 

Additionally, Maggiano’s customers will be offered Mocapay’s mobile suite to provide loyalty and gift coupons. Through the eNational Payments “Gold Rewards” Mobile Wallet, customers will be able to pay and reload their mobile accounts, check transaction histories, receive customized, pertinent loyalty and reward offers and find the nearest Maggiano’s store locations—-all from the convenience of their mobile phones. 
“The way people are connecting with brands has gone mobile and fully interactive,” said Kevin Grieve, CEO, Mocapay. “Our mobile marketing suite hits the sweet spot for merchants so they can build their brand and develop smart and effective marketing strategies that move well beyond mobile payments. Mocapay solves the “last mile” problem to deliver closed loop marketing ROI that provides measurable data to merchants and marketers through an embedded marketing engine so merchants can maximize exposure and ultimately improve the bottom line.” 
“Our job is to help merchants interact with their customers and build their brand,” Mr. Kumar continued. “Mobile phones are the next-generation channel to communicate with consumers. This implementation will provide both the merchant and the consumer with a 360 degree level of engagement which has not been seen before.” 

About Mocapay
Mocapay is a mobile platform for innovative merchants that offers an integrated marketing and sales solution to enhance the lifetime value of a customer. The platform addresses merchants’ need for a new channel that will broaden their loyalty and gift programs by mobilizing sales and marketing to reach customers anytime, not just at the point of sale, encourage purchases and build a stronger brand affinity. Based in Denver, Mocapay is a privately held, venture funded company founded in 2006. For more information, visit

About eNational Payments
eNational Payments is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA , and offers ALL-IN-ONE payment transaction processing solutions for the financial services industry, card issuing banks, acquiring or merchant banks, ISO’s and retailers. eNP’s portfolio of services and payment solutions are distributed through a network of over 5,000 merchants from diverse retail channels including but not limited to non banking financial services providers, whole sellers & general merchandise distributors & Bank Card industry ISO’s. We provide financial services and transaction solutions to bring Mobile and contactless technology enabled Stored Value solutions, alternative electronic payment programs, as well as several additional value added solutions, to retailers, distributors, clients, cardholders and our business partners in an efficient and secure method. For more information, visit

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