Mobile Gamers Find Better Customer Experience With Helpshift

Mobile gamers don’t want or like distractions. They want to focus keenly on their chosen games, savoring an uninterrupted, seamless customer experience.

Helpshift, one of the world’s leading in-app customer support platforms, wants to make sure that customer experience is seamless. In fact, 17 of the Top 50 global mobile developers, according to’s seventh annual list of top 50 mobile games played worldwide have Helpshift at the core of their customer support solutions.

Helpshift delivers quality, in-app support. Its platform was designed, built, and tailored to mobile.

“Prior to Helpshift, players needed to exit Glu games entirely when they wanted to reach our customer care team,” Gabriel Turk, Director of Customer Care at Glu Mobile, explained to Loyalty360. “Now, with the ability to get the help they need in-game, we’re able to offer players a seamless experience and get them back to playing the games they love.”

Jack Murrin, Director of Customer Experience at Shyp, told Loyalty360 that Shyp constantly works toward eliminating customer pain points “and the road blocks between our users and us. The easier they can get answers, the better their experience. By using in-app support, we’re bringing powerful tools for self-help as well as contacting a team member directly to where they’re using Shyp most: Inside the Shyp app. It’s a win-win for both customers and support associates. We’re able to get more information automatically, which makes associates’ lives easier and, in turn, gets customers a faster response. When looking for a solution, HelpShift stood out for several reasons. Other than being intuitive to use, it required less bandwidth from our engineering team and was more cost-effective than competitors. Their hands-on help in getting us setup and running has also been extremely valuable.”

Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder at Helpshift, said roughly 85% of the 700 top grossing apps are games
“To the gaming industry’s credit, many of the best game developers in the world, including our customers, have leveraged next generation solutions that work to help them grow and retain their user base,” said “Gaming has been a front-runner in the on-demand and ever-expanding mobile world. For that reason, we started the company with a strong emphasis on mobile gaming and plan to continue building a high-quality experience for leaders in the industry.”

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