Mobile Experiences Tied to Brand Customer Loyalty Efforts

Mobile is seemingly everywhere these days in the customer loyalty industry, and its impact continues to grow and grow

LogMeIn conducted a recent study related to mobile experiences and their impact on customer loyalty. Loyalty360 caught up with Dave Campbell, Vice President of Product Marketing for Customer Engagement and Support at LogMeIn, to gain more insights about the study.

How will mobile experiences impact customer loyalty moving forward?

Campbell: In today’s world, mobile experiences are directly tied to a ‘customer loyalty efforts. Mobile CX spans the omnichannel spectrum plus geolocation. When you think about all of the ways a customer can interact with your brand with mobile, it’s truly four-dimensional.

Will loyalty marketers that don’t have a strategic mobile plan be left behind in this customer loyalty paradigm?

Campbell: When you look at the trends we are seeing, from augmented reality games like Pokemon Go to Dominos and Pizza Hut using chatbots to automate pizza delivery, marketers who fail to embrace and innovate with mobile will miss their largest opportunity. Mobile is so prevalent today that it’s almost table stakes if you want to compete. 

What are loyalty marketers doing well with mobile right now, and where do the challenges/opportunities still exist?

Campbell: Loyalty marketers have done a good job embracing apps on mobile as a way to engage their customers. But often, consumers don’t know they exist. Marketers need to do a better job at creating fantastic mobile experiences that have a driving factor to get consumers engaged.

Is mobile growing at a faster rate than expected for loyalty marketers to keep pace with?            

Campbell: We’re seeing mobile become the dominant channel for a lot of companies across industries. When you see retail, banks, and insurance all dealing with the same user challenges of an ecommerce site, you know that companies have a hard time keeping up with technology. This is especially true in customer engagement and service channels like mobile apps and chat.

What are some keys for loyalty marketers to consider when it comes to mobile and impacting customer loyalty?

Campbell: Key considerations include simplicity, speed, and scale. It’s important for marketers to realize that while everyone has a smartphone these days, not everyone uses it the same way. This is especially true with baby boomers vs millennials. As a result, you need to keep experiences fast easy and requiring as few clicks as possible.

What mobile trends exist now or do you think are coming down the road?

Campbell: We’re excited about the convergence of mobile and the Internet of things. There’s expected to be 25 billion connected devices by 2025. Just think of all the information these devices will be able to provide and new customer experiences that can be created as a result. It’s super exciting.

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