Mix Content Marketing and Social Media for Brand Loyalty Success

For any brand, engaging customers and delivering relevant content are keys to building loyalty. This challenge is heightened for financial institutions, which often struggle to create a genuine bond with customers. Customer Communications Group, or CCG, recently shared several tips about how banks can boost engagement through effective use of social media and content marketing.
Evoke Emotion: Social media is a perfect channel for organizations to “let their hair down” and engage with customers on a more human basis. Brands who take advantage of this opportunity will quickly find that customers are far more likely to engage with banks that are willing to use humor to deliver messaging.

Deliver Answers: Social networks were built to distribute information, and financial institutions can leverage this fact to answer commonly asked questions posed by consumers. These information blasts are guaranteed to build engagement, and can improve brand perception in the eyes of customers that are tired of confusing banking practices.

Fun & Philanthropy: Humans want to change the world for the better. This basic human need can be fulfilled through philanthropy, and banks are in a perfect position to create engaging and fun opportunities for participants to make a difference and share their experience via social media.

Add Images: Historically, banks tend to be viewed as boring. Images are an easy way to turn this perception around, adding color and graphics to an otherwise stuffy industry.

Crowdsource Content: The best ideas often come from unlikely places. Every bank customer has a story to tell, and tapping into this content is a win-win situation: customers feel more valued by their financial institution, and the bank has access to stories that are personal and easily shareable on social networks. 

As consumer demands continue to evolve, new channels of communication must be utilized to maintain a strong bond with customers.
“Consumers go through a buying process with multiple stages. It runs from recognizing that they have a problem to feeling comfortable with their purchase decision.” Greg Sultan, SVP Strategist for Customer Communications Group told Loyalty360. “Content plays an important part of each stage. Our research indicates that consumers are searching for content in multiple channels and you have to be where the consumer is, or you will miss your opportunity to influence the stage they are in of the buying process.”

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