SALT LAKE CITY, Oct 04, 2011—Investment Follows Mindshare’s Recent Financial Milestone of 100 Months of Consecutive Recurring Revenue Growth

Mindshare Technologies today announced that it has received a $20     million investment from Sorenson Capital. The PrivateBank and Trust     Company contributed to the growth investment with an additional credit     facility. Sorenson’s involvement will accelerate Mindshare’s strategy of     rapid growth through innovation and new-product development.

Mindshare recently achieved the milestone of 100 consecutive months of     recurring revenue increases. The company’s continuing legacy of growth     began in May 2003, when Mindshare brought in approximately $3,600; in     August 2011, the company recorded monthly revenues of more than $1.6     million. Mindshare’s revenue grew at 33-percent in 2010, and is on pace     for 40-percent growth in 2011, to $19 million.

Mindshare’s unique domain expertise and unwavering commitment to its     customers has resulted in an extraordinary 93 percent client retention     rate—which it maintained throughout one of the most extended economic     downturns in U.S. history—and includes such prominent brands as     Arby’s, Hertz, Tony Roma’s, Comcast, Marriott and many others. The     company is the innovation leader in the development and utilization of     customized, industry-specific speech and text analytics. Mindshare     currently completes more than 175,000 surveys each day in 106 countries,      28 languages, and 25 different industries.

“After talking to a number of interested private equity firms, we chose     Sorenson Capital because we are confident that they will be the ideal     equity partner for Mindshare,” said Richard D. Hanks, chairman and     president of Mindshare Technologies. “Sorenson Capital brings immense     value through its wealth of knowledge and industry contacts, and through     its strategic, financial and operational expertise. The partnership will     enable us to not only reinforce our rapid growth, but also to pursue new     strategic business initiatives.”

In connection with the firm’s investment in Mindshare, Fraser Bullock,      managing director of Sorenson Capital and former COO of the 2002 Salt     Lake Winter Olympics, and Ron Mika, a co-founder and managing director     of Sorenson Capital, will join the Mindshare board of directors.

“The Mindshare management team has just accomplished an extraordinary     financial feat in leading the company to 100 months of consecutive     recurring revenue growth,” Bullock said. “We look forward to helping     this exceptional team continue to grow.”

About Mindshare Technologies

Mindshare (   )      drives operational improvement. Using Mindshare, companies improve     operational excellence, foster consumer satisfaction, build customer     loyalty, and support employee retention. Our industry experts guide     clients in building comprehensive enterprise feedback management (EFM)      solutions. Mindshare’s proprietary survey technology captures the voice     of the customer in real-time and immediately transforms it into     actionable intelligence through powerful and incisive reporting.      Mindshare serves more than 25 different industries including travel,      hospitality, restaurant, financial, salon, automotive, and retail. For     information, visit   .

About Sorenson Capital

Sorenson Capital (   )      is a private equity fund that provides small- to middle-market buyout     and growth equity investments. Sorenson Capital is managed and     controlled by West Rim Capital and has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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