Microsoft New Loyalty ProgramMicrosoft is gearing up to launch an innovative new program to encourage customer loyalty. It’s called Microsoft Earn and its unique structure holds huge potential for customer engagement success by capitalizing on the everyday spending habits of consumers.

Rather than limiting the collection of points, as most traditional loyalty programs do, by forcing consumers to visit a single retailer, Microsoft Earn actually encourages consumers to shop around.Microsoft Earn builds loyalty

The idea is simple. Earn members can start collecting up to 10% in Earn Credits whenever they make purchases in various major retailers such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, PetSmart, Papa John’s, and hundreds of local restaurants. These Earn Credits can then be used towards the purchase of Microsoft software, laptops, phones, Xbox gaming systems, speakers, and more.

“With Earn, consumers earn credits for their everyday dining and shopping, that can then be used towards anything sold at the local Microsoft Store,” Neal Bernstein, Senior Director at Microsoft, told Loyalty360. “It’s good for our merchant partners and for Microsoft, but most importantly, for our consumers."  

Microsoft is encouraging customers to enroll by easily linking a credit or debit card through the program’s website. Membership is free and both Visa and MasterCard are currently accepted. Once enrolled, members will see credits toward any Microsoft purchases appear on their bank statements.

“We’re super excited in how we implemented Earn with card linking, where there’s no loyalty card to carry around or loyalty number to key in,” Bernstein added. “Instead, all earning and redemption is done totally frictionless, just by using your enrolled credit or debit cards.”

The ultimate goal of the loyalty program is to drive customers into Microsoft stores by offering discounts that are obtained quickly and easily. Members can get the technology products they want and need without having to first make prior technology purchases. Rather, these discounts are accrued almost automatically by allowing consumers to continue shopping at the places they already love and regularly visit.

Most nationwide customers looking jump at the chance to begin collecting Earn points will have to wait a little longer, however, as Microsoft Earn is presently still in the beta stage. All local Microsoft stores across Arizona, Massachusetts, and Washington are currently testing the program. Based on the success of those locations, Microsoft hopes to move forward with the expansion of the program soon. 

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