MetLife’s Commitment to Exemplary Customer Experience Is Recognized

Providing an exceptional customer experience is so critical to maintaining active customer engagement and sparking brand loyalty and trust.

MetLife Insurance knows a thing or two about providing an exemplary customer experience. Recently, J.D. Power recognized MetLife’s Corporate Benefit Funding Customer Solutions Center for its outstanding customer service experience.

Loyalty360 caught up with Kim Flemm, Vice President, Customer Experience with MetLife, to learn more about the company’s commitment to customer experience.

“This designation recognizes the success and dedication of MetLife’s Corporate Benefit Funding Customer Solutions Center team and underscores our commitment to our customers,” Flemm explained. “As a primary point of contact for customers, our service consultants are committed to delivering a differentiated service experience. They focus on putting themselves in our customers’ shoes so they can understand their needs, allowing them to demonstrate concern and better address customer issues.”

In addition to being a part of MetLife’s core values, customer-centricity makes up a core building block of the company’s strategy, Flemm noted. MetLife differentiates itself in the marketplace by putting the customer at the center of everything it does:

  • A core strategy for the Corporate Benefit Funding team is to continue to improve the customer’s experience. Connecting with our customers – listening to their concerns and thinking about how we might help – increases our understanding of their needs. With this understanding we are able to make better decisions, move more quickly and drive growth. 
  • As part of its evaluation, J.D. Power conducted a detailed audit of more than 100 practices in the Customer Solutions Center. The J.D. Power Certified Contact Center Program measures eligible call centers for effectiveness in the following areas: recruiting, training, employee incentives, quality assurance capabilities, and management roles and responsibilities.
  • For certification status, a contact center must also perform within the top 20% of customer service scores, which are based on benchmarks established in J.D. Power’s cross-industry customer satisfaction research.
“At MetLife, we pride ourselves on being ‘best-in-class’ with regard to customer-centricity,” Flemm said. “We are committed to customer-centricity and have dedicated significant resources to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. Ongoing investments in our people and technology enable us to continually enhance the service experience. This honor makes MetLife one of a select few institutional retirement providers to be recognized in the Contact Center Certification Program.”
MetLife’s keys to customer-centricity include caring for and respecting customers.

“It is core to everything we do,” Flemm said. “It defines our work and shapes the culture for our people, radiating out to our shareholders and other stakeholder communities. MetLife’s values encourage employees to put customers first, highlighting leadership’s commitment to customer-centricity, which influences everything we do as a company and acts as a guiding principle to help employees making the right decisions.”
Founded in 1868, MetLife is a global provider of life insurance, annuities, employee benefits, and asset management. Serving about 100 million customers, MetLife has operations in nearly 50 countries and holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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