Meineke Car Care Center Top Automotive Digital Marketer

Meineke store frontCreating a convenient and great customer experience is the mission of Meineke Car Care Center, which wanted to create a digitally impactful brand.

Consider that mission accomplished: Meineke was recently recognized for its digital marketing efforts, emerging as the No. 1 automotive digital marketer according to Placeable’s NatLo Top 150.

More than 1,000 national brands were evaluated and scored for the 2014 NatLo Top 150 report.

What’s more, Meineke was the No. 1 overall brand for digital marketing excellence.

Danny Rivera, Meineke Executive Vice President, explained to Loyalty360 about his company’s digital marketing efforts.

“Meineke’s digital marketing experts focused heavily on ensuring customers have access to accurate, comprehensive business information no matter the device they’re using to search,” Rivera explained. “From addresses and phone numbers, to pin placements on maps and GPS services, every effort has been made to ensure consumers are able to quickly and efficiently locate their nearest Meineke Car Care Center. These efforts solidify a seamless customer experience on both desktop and mobile devices, a core element to our overall strategy.”

To be considered for the NatLo Top 150, brands are required to have three key digital search assets in place: An indexable online locator, local landing pages, and a mobile locator. Each brand to pass that screening and make the list was then given a ‘NatLo Score,’ which measures a brand’s digital marketing effectiveness, as represented by four key dimensions of local online marketing: Visibility, depth, precision, and reach.  Placeable research has found that more than two-thirds of consumers say they lose trust in a brand if they get lost on the way to a location because of an incorrect listing online. With outstanding scores in precision, Meineke stands out as a brand consumers can trust.

“Customers are able to communicate confidently with Meineke’s centers across a broad network of mediums including social media channels,” Rivera explained. “Customers are easily interacting with the business and are enjoying the ease of which Meineke information and details can be found.”

Meineke Car Care Centers, LLC, is a division of Driven Brands, Inc. Founded in 1972, Meineke has more than 900 centers that service about three million cars per year.

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