McDonald’s Partners with Mayo Clinic to Advise on Cleanliness and Safety

McDonald’s has announced that it is partnering with Mayo Clinic, who will provide advice and counsel on the ongoing science of infection prevention and control, as well as share best practices to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
“This public health crisis is far from over. Living by our core value of putting our customers and people first means we will continue to evolve our efforts to meet their needs and provide a safe and clean environment in McDonald’s restaurants around the world,” said Chris Kempczinski, President and CEO of McDonald’s, in a McDonald’s press release. “Consulting with Mayo Clinic allows us to further apply leading-edge science to our restaurant practices.”
McDonald’s has seen its whole food-service process change thanks to the pandemic. Some of those changes include:

  • Closing some seating and tables to practice social distancing

  • Higher frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces like tables and counters

  • Care efforts like crew members wearing masks and gloves, and making them available to customers in municipalities where required

  • Having Play Places stay closed and changing dine-in beverages to cut down on contact

“Customers and employees look to business leaders for counsel on health and safety concerns in our current environment,” said Stacey Rizza, M.D., a Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist, in the same McDonald’s news release. “Mayo Clinic is pleased to work with McDonald’s leadership and staff to advise them on COVID-19 infection prevention best practices in a restaurant and corporate office setting.”
An executive team made of professionals from both Mayo Clinic and McDonald’s will meet regularly to continue to discuss the pandemic, as well as associated science and best practices to slow the spread of the virus. This executive team will also continue to look at the McDonald’s health and safety protocols and procedures.
According to the news release, McDonald’s has been using its 65-year commitment to safety to help the brand figure out how to continue. That includes looking at what founder Ray Kroc said on cleanliness and how he wanted the brand to do business.
McDonald’s Senior Archives Manager Mike Bullington said in a McDonald’s letter, “Now that the world is grappling with an unprecedented public health crisis, our commitment to cleanliness has taken on even greater significance.”
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