Game Mechanics and Social Media Tools from Bunchball Drive Deeper Participation and Engagement in Maritz’ Loyalty and Incentive Programs

St. Louis (Sept. 24, 2010) – Maritz, the leader in customer loyalty and employee motivation services, and Bunchball, the leader in gamification solutions, today announced a partnership that will transform the traditional customer loyalty, sales incentive and employee recognition market. By combining Maritz’ decades of experience in loyalty and motivation with Bunchball’s expertise in using game mechanics to drive engagement and participation, the two companies are creating next-generation programs that are as engaging and compelling as they are rewarding.
“Loyalty and incentive programs have become stale,” remarks Barry Kirk, vice president of customer loyalty, Maritz. “That’s because most companies focus on the redemption aspect of a program, or the stuff their participants will earn. But scientific studies of human thinking and perception tell us that people want more out of these programs. That’s why we’re partnering with Bunchball – because they understand people’s psychological need to be social, achieve, compete and have fun. Bunchball’s Nitro gamification platform enables participants to fulfill those needs.”
“Game designers have known for years how to engage players, encourage meaningful participation, and drive fanatical loyalty,” says Rajat Paharia, founder and chief product officer of Bunchball, Inc. “We’re excited to be bringing game mechanics to the customer loyalty and employee incentive space. Maritz deeply understands what motivates people, which makes them the perfect partner for a next generation ‘gamified’ loyalty and incentive program.”
From their inception, loyalty programs have been games, just ones primarily focused on the earning and redemption of points and “leveling up” to attain status. Maritz and Bunchball clients can now bring the full suite of game mechanics to bear on their loyalty and incentive programs, including:

  • Earning badges & achievements,
  • Tracking and rewarding online activity,
  • Competing for position on high-score tables,
  • Creating virtual identities,
  • Collaborating and competing as part of a team,
  • Spreading the word via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter,
  • And providing instant, real-time reinforcement of desired behavior.

These game mechanics leverage peoples’ fundamental needs for reward, status, achievement, competition and self expression to provide a constant stream of motivation that keeps participants engaged throughout the entire lifetime of the program, rather than just at the time of point redemption. The result is a significantly enhanced and enriching experience that keeps participants excited about their loyalty program on an ongoing basis.
 “If you can get people to engage and participate in your program, you can drive meaningful business results,” Paharia adds.
By optimizing participant engagement, companies can retain and motivate their best customers and talent, improve the customer experience and, ultimately, increase revenues in this highly-competitive market.
About Bunchball

Bunchball <>  is the leading provider of online gamification solutions, used to drive high value participation, engagement, loyalty and revenue for some of the world’s leading brands and media. Customers including Warner Bros, Comcast, Victoria’s Secret PINK, USA Network, LiveOps, and Hasbro use Bunchball’s Nitro gamification platform to create compelling, meaningful and enjoyable experiences for consumers, employees, and partners. Based in Silicon Valley and founded in February 2005, Bunchball’s investors include Granite Ventures and Adobe Systems Incorporated. For more information, visit Bunchball online at <> .

About Maritz

St. Louis-based Maritz  <> is a sales and marketing services company, which helps companies achieve their full potential through understanding, enabling, and motivating employees, channel partners, and customers. Maritz provides market and customer research, communications, learning solutions, incentive initiatives, rewards and recognition, effective meeting, event and incentive management services and customer loyalty programs.

For more information, visit <> or contact us at 1-877-4MARITZ.

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