They say space is the final frontier. But with wearable glass, users are seeing a whole new view of this planet.

A small New York tech company called Vuzix has partnered with Chinese computer company Lenovo to begin selling a co-branded version of the Vuzix M100 in China.

Since Google first revealed Glass in 2012, technology companies began developing similar wearable eye devices with incredible capabilities. Much of the current wearable tech industry surrounding digital glass has been aimed at consumer use, with hesitant embrace from the masses. Beyond consumer use, the company partnership hopes to expand these products into the enterprise realm, selling them to businesses and manufacturing corporations, and putting them to use on factory floors.

“We are very happy to partner with Vuzix. It’s a great start,” Yuli Bai, Lenovo’s general manager of new business development, said. “Vuzix has a long history and the most advanced technology in smart glasses globally. Along with the M100, we are also considering other partnerships with Vuzix on future products.”

Why is the partnership targeting enterprises, while many other companies have sights set on consumer use? The answer involves both utility and design.

“We’ve been at this for a long time,” Paul Travers, Lenovo chief executive, said. “We know the average guy walking down the street is not going to wear something that will make him look like he has a problem or came off the Starship Enterprise.”

You can’t make Spock look sexy, it seems. However, organizations can save money; Travers says that Fortune 500 companies from numerous industries will save millions of dollars by utilizing wearable devices like the M100.

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