Maritz sells BondBob Macdonald, President and CEO of Bond Brand Loyalty, told Loyalty360 that is he excited about the future growth options for his company after Maritz announced the sale of Bond Brand Loyalty to the Bond management team in an amicable buyout last week.

Macdonald told Loyalty360 that the sale was purely the result of divergent business strategies.

“This is a business we love,” Macdonald explained during the Engagement & Experience Expo, hosted by Loyalty360. “Our specialty is helping clients forge stronger bonds between their brands and their customers, focusing on building loyalty across the entire customer experience continuum,” Macdonald said. “We design and implement solutions that address the fluid interplay between formal loyalty marketing programs, the customer experience at the front lines of the business, and the interaction with the brand in the market place through experiential marketing.”Bond Brand Loyalty standing on their own

According to Macdonald, Loyalty360’s Customer Loyalty Statistics 2015 edition states there are 3.3 billion loyalty program memberships in the United States, an average of 29 per household, and membership continues to grow year over year. In addition, the average number of programs in which consumers are enrolled continues to climb – from 10.9 programs per member in 2014 to 13.3 programs per member in 2015, according to the 2015 Loyalty Report. The growth of the loyalty market allows for significant opportunity for both companies.

“This is about us taking it to the next level,” Macdonald said. “We are about the digital loyalty platform. We’re really excited about this. This enables us to focus on our business strategy. We want to supplement our offering with a mobile focus on Customer Experience and customer loyalty.”

As a leading market research and customer loyalty solutions provider, Bond Brand Loyalty is an organization that has made it a mission to help leading global brands rise above the challenges related to intricate digital, mobile, and data landscape. Macdonald said the company has seen an increased demand for its expertise and technology solutions.

“The common ingredient at this conference this week has been about wanting to know your customers better,” Macdonald said. “Our future also represents a tremendous opportunity to partner with more companies on mobile.”

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