Loylogic Makes PointsPay Customer Experience Simpler

Loylogic PointsPay CXOne of Loylogic’s most successful products, PointsPay, just became a much simpler customer experience, thanks to a brand new Browser Add-On for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The new Browser Add-On allows customers to load their PointsPay cards without moving away from their online shopping experiences. All a customer has to do is install PointsPay Add-On on their browser and enjoy the ultimate convenience of shopping online.

PointsPay allows customers to convert their loyalty points and miles to pay instantly, easily, and securely. Whether online or in store, customers can redeem points for whatever they want, wherever they are.

PointsPay is a payment system that enables members of participating loyalty programs to redeem points and miles online and in store at more than 38 million merchants worldwide. Members can use their loyalty points and miles to shop instantly, easily and securely.

The browser add-on can be installed from PointsPay.com.

Loyalty360 caught up with Loylogic founder and CEO Dominic Hofer to learn more about the new Browser Add-On.

Can you talk about the factors that prompted the creation and implementation of the new Browser Add-On for Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer that is connected to PointsPay?

The add-on was created for the comfort of members who use their PointsPay Virtual Cards to shop online from desktop devices. Within the reduced user interface (UI) of the add-on, they can load their Virtual Visa Cards and view card details without interrupting their shopping experience (i.e. without opening new tabs/ leaving the screen). We’ll soon be enhancing the functionality further by allowing users to copy their card numbers to their clipboards and insert when required during checkout.

Did customer feedback play a role and, if so, in what way?

It was a combination of factors, but mainly the decision was based on what we know are the expectations of our savvy online shoppers.

What are your goals for PointsPay now with the new Browser Add-On product?Loylogic points flexibility

As the flexibility of the product is increasing with the new browser add on, we would expect to see the number of users to grow further, as well as an increase in online shopping among our cardholders and a simplified user experience for them.

How would you characterize the state of loyalty marketing and how does Loylogic hope to address the current needs and expectations of customers?

Customer expectations indicate the trend that they expect to use their loyalty points and miles, just like real world currencies, for their online as well as in-store purchases, fuel, groceries, etc. And PointsPay is the solution to meet this customer expectation, while still retaining the loyalty experience around redeeming the points and miles for rewards, rather than just liquidating the points and miles into cash.

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