Loyalty360 Reads: Tinder Leverages AI To Support User Profiles, Google’s AI Tool Improves Search Results, White Claw Offers New Customer Getaways

Tinder Uses AI To Improve User Profiles 

Tinder is utilizing artificial intelligence technology to analyze user photos on their profiles to help them select the right photo for the best first impression.  

“AI has really inspired our entire company to really think about ways that we can create new experiences, but also solve key dating pain points,” Match Group CEO Bernard Kim said. “People are excited to jump into the Tinder experience, and then in that exact moment after uploading photos of themselves, people can feel uncomfortable and ask, ‘What is the right picture that I’ve taken over the last year to make my dating profile more me?’” 

Kim explains that an AI-powered photo selection feature aims to eliminate the struggle of finding pictures and help build a profile that accurately represents users. 

“I really think AI can help our users build better profiles in a more efficient way that really do showcase their personalities,” Kim added. Brands are continuing to invest in new technology to provide a more efficient, enjoyable service for their customers, including the dating scene. 

Google’s AI Search Garners More Videos, Better Links 

Google is always innovating the latest technology into its search engine to provide the quickest, most accurate answers to inquirers. The new AI-based SGE features in Search Labs now can see more multimedia in the summary box at the top of the search results page. Google is also focused on improving user experience, search efficiency and adding more context to the links the tool provides after finding results.  

SGE may still be in the “experiment” phase, but it’s very clearly the future of Google Search. “It really gives us a chance to not always be constrained in the way search was working before,” CEO Sundar Pichai said on Alphabet’s most recent earnings call. “It allows us to think outside the box.” He then said that “over time, this will just be how search works.” 

Surfacing and contextualizing links is going to be a crucial rubric of success for this new technology. The search tool will now display publish dates next to the three articles in the summary box to, “help you better understand how recent the information is from these web pages.” 

White Claw Announces Vacation Sweepstakes & Giveaways 

The popular hard seltzer company, White Claw, has announced that it will help fans enjoy their summer with fun vacation experiences. A survey conducted by the company has found that a majority (54%) of employed Americans haven't planned their summer vacation yet, and 1 in 4 (24%) won't use all their vacation time this year. 

White Claw Hard Seltzer® has decided to help lovers of hard seltzer to sit back, relax and enjoy summer as it’s meant to be enjoyed.  

"Summer should be all about fun and enjoying sunshine-filled days with friends, but we know most people haven't even planned a vacation," said Kevin Brady, Vice President of Marketing, Mark Anthony Brands Inc. "As the creators of one of summer's most refreshing beverages, we want to help fans Claw Back their summer and maximize the season's potential with time to fully unplug." 

White Claw has announced a variety of vacation packs that lucky fans have a chance to win:  

Night Off: Winners can punch out and take the evening off with a personal chef as they prepare a gourmet meal inspired by the flavors of White Claw Hard Seltzer for winners and their guests.  

Day Off: Entrants can leave the grind of the workday behind with a stay at an epic mansion or luxury home for the day with friends and family.  

Long Weekend Off: White Claw fans can turn their weekend into the ultimate escape with a three-day trip to Miami, Florida with a boat charter for you and a guest. 

Week Off: Lucky winners can experience the ultimate escape to unplug and recharge, far away from work, with a week-long stay at a remote destination in Hawaii. 

For sweepstakes details, visit whiteclaw.com/claw-back-summer and whiteclaw.com/whiteclawgear. To learn more, follow @WhiteClaw on Instagram and Twitter, or visit whiteclaw.com.   


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