Loyalty360 Reads: TGI Fridays Focuses on Personalized Dining Experience, Amtrak Introduces New Guest Rewards, and More

Amtrak Introduces New Guest Rewards for Cardholders 

Amtrak has announced a limited-time offer exclusively for Amtrak Guest Rewards Preferred cardholders. This includes two lounge passes, two upgrade certificates and two companion coupons upon account opening and 30,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards bonus points when making at least $1,000 in purchases within the first three billing cycles of account opening. Amtrak Guest Rewards cardholders can use their credit card to earn points towards rewards like Amtrak travel, upgrades, gift cards and more. 

Jebbit Launches AI-Powered Interactive Digital Experiences 

Jebbit, a zero-party data and customer experience platform, has announced the launch of its AI-powered Experience Generator and Language Translation capabilities. These features enable marketers to quickly build personalized interactive quizzes, trivia, and surveys, and translate them into multiple languages with ease. Jebbit's AI-powered experiences strike a balance between intelligent technology and human judgment, enhancing online experiences while improving speed-to-market.  

“Jebbit empowers brands to create meaningful connections with their customers and deliver personalized digital experiences that collect data willingly and intentionally shared by a consumer (zero-party data),” stated Tom Coburn, co-founder and CEO of Jebbit. “With our new AI capabilities, brands can now build and scale Jebbit experiences in seconds.” 

TGI Fridays Unveils Major Menu Evolution 

TGI Fridays has launched an elevated Grilled & Sauced menu that allows guests to customize their meals with a variety of sauces and proteins. The menu features six top-quality proteins, including salmon, ribs, chicken, steak, and sirloin, cooked on an open-air char-broiler grill. The President of TGI Fridays US, Brandon Coleman III, described the Grilled & Sauced menu as the biggest change to the brand's menu since the introduction of Whiskey Glaze in the 90s. With a focus on bold and exciting flavors, the new menu aims to provide guests with a personalized and flavorful dining experience that reflects their preferences. 

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