Loyalty360 Reads: Study Reveals Gen Z/Millennials Want Self-Checkout When Buying Groceries, Salesforce Reveals New Retail Tools, and Victoria’s Secret Brings In-store Experience Online

NCR Voyix’s Digital Commerce Index Reveals Desire for Self-Checkout 

NCR Voyix Corporation released its first Digital Commerce Index, revealing that Gen Z and Millennials want self-checkouts. The survey focused on how purchase behaviors are evolving within the dining, grocery, and fuel convenience industries in the U.S.  

Forty-three percent of consumers favor self-checkout options, citing speed, privacy, and shorter lines as important. Shoppers aged 18-44 prefer using a self-checkout (53%), while those aged 45+ still desire traditional checkouts (ages 45-60 at 40% and 65+ at 26%).  

“Self-checkout is evolving to offer a quicker and more user-friendly experience. The reality is shoppers want more control over their checkout experience, and self-checkout delivers that flexibility. For retailers, self-checkout enhances operational efficiency in a time when many are struggling to retain staff and are combatting unprecedented levels of shrink,” says David Wilkinson, chief executive officer of NCR Voyix.  

The Digital Commerce Index survey also revealed that two-thirds of customers surveyed prefer to shop in-store versus relying on online shopping. Insufficient product selection and service fees contributed to online shopping falloff.  

Other topics presented in the survey include the impact of inflation on shopping behaviors, technology improving product selection and payment options, views on tipping prompts, customer loyalty and rewards programs (dining, fuel), choosing digital options (app, website), and the future of restaurants (digital menus, robot delivery, etc.).    

Find the complete Digital Commerce Index here:


Salesforce Reveals New Commerce and Marketing AI for Retail Tools at NRF 2024 

Salesforce revealed new data and AI-powered tools designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers, providing retailers and marketers with a real-time understanding of behaviors and preferences.  

The latest offerings from Salesforce are supported by the Einstein 1 Platform, which connects with retail or shopper data and integrates with large language models (LLMs). The result is an enhanced customer/merchandiser/market experience leveraging data and AI-powered apps.  

“Companies that leverage their customer’s data effectively to build trusted, connected commerce experiences will see stronger customer loyalty and profitability. Every business must focus on driving efficiency and growth with new integrated and AI-powered innovations that enable a faster path to purchase and greater customer satisfaction,” says Jujhar Singh, EVP & GM, Salesforce Customer 360 Applications and Industries.  

Customers will also be able to take advantage of a generative AI assistant (Einstein Copilot) for an improved shopping experience. The initiative is currently being piloted, and availability will increase by mid-2024. Salesforce will also provide retail merchandisers and marketers with additional tools, including:  

Retail Merchandisers:  

  • Page Designer 

  • Return Insights in Order Management 

  • Inventory Insights 

  • Customer and Product Insights  

Retail Marketers:  

  • Global Promotion Management  

  • Referral Marketing  

  • Segment Creation  

  • Content Creation for Marketing Cloud Engagement 

Learn more about the Einstein 1 Platform here: https://www.salesforce.com/products/platform/   


Victoria’s Secret Teams Up with Google Cloud  

Victoria’s Secret is leveraging AI to deliver more inclusive and personalized interactions to its customers, providing an in-store experience online. By partnering with Google Cloud, the brand seeks to enhance online shopping for Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret PINK customers.  

The team at Victoria’s Secret has developed a multi-year plan to study AI options and observe how the technology will drive a better customer experience for the online shopper, which includes:  

  1. Using a generative AI virtual assistant (chatbot) to support customer conversations 

  1. Expanding product discovery to make it better  

  1. Improving product search  

  1. Measuring customer sentiment   

  1. Optimizing response to product demand through forecasting and enhancing associate training programs  

“We look forward to exploring more ways we can partner with Google Cloud to use the latest technologies to make shopping even more intuitive, seamless, and welcoming for all,” says Chris Rupp, Chief Customer Officer, Victoria’s Secret. 

Learn more about Google Cloud solutions here: https://cloud.google.com/solutions/  


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