Loyalty360 Reads: September 26: Starbucks’ Automated Frappuccino, Schlotzky’s OnlyFans Exclusive Content, and More

Starbucks Invests in Automation Equipment

During Starbucks’ recent Investor Day, the company demonstrated automated equipment that can cut the average time it takes to make a Frappuccino to just over 30 seconds by adding an automated ice and whipped cream dispensers.

The technology is being dubbed the proprietary siren system to make baristas’ jobs easier and less  time-consuming, so they have more energy to pour into drink creation and customer interactions.

Schlotzky’s Promotes Naked Pizza via OnlyFans

Schlotzky’s is using OnlyFans to promote its limited-edition Bare Naked Pizza – the pizza with a “crust so delicious that one could happily eat it nude”: sans cheese, sauce or toppings. On the new Bare Naked Pizza OnlyFans page, users can access exclusive content and one-of-a-kind promotions.

Throughout the course of the campaign, which will be activated across various channels and consumer touchpoints, the brand will share what Nicolle DuBose, vice-president of marketing at Schlotzsky’s, called “exclusive ‘steamy,’ ‘craveable’ and comedic content” including behind-the-scenes clips that depict how the pizza crust is made, available only to subscribers.

T-Mobile Awards Hometown Grants

T-Mobile announced its latest Hometown Grants recipients that support the people and organizations responsible for helping small towns across the country thrive. T-Mobile has given more than $5.5 million dollars to projects across 37 states through the grant program. Each quarter, T-Mobile awards Hometown Grants for up to 25 towns with a population of less than 50,000.

To select Hometown Grant recipients, T-Mobile works with Main Street America and Smart Growth America, two organizations that help build stronger, more prosperous small towns and rural communities. Anyone with a vision for how to make their community stronger can apply.

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