Loyalty360 Reads: October 9, 2019

Customer Experience
Adidas Made a Snapchat Game to Drop Limited, 8-Bit-Themed Baseball Cleats
The sportwear brand “has created an 8-bit game you can play in Snapchat, called Baseball’s Next Level, where you’ll have the chance to buy its new 8-bit-themed baseball cleats. Produced in partnership with developer AvatarLabs, Baseball’s Next Level is a home run derby, old-school-style title that will let you play as some of Adidas’ Major League Baseball athletes.”
Tesla Will Let You Customize Your Car’s Horn and Movement Sounds
Elon Musk has stated that coming Tesla software updates will enable drivers to customize the sounds their cars make. “The full selection of sounds isn’t available, but Musk is teasing goat bleats, rushing wind, and even the coconut horse clops from Monty Python and the Holy Grail—just in case you want to roll up to the traffic lights Arthur-style.”
Wawa Garners Top Marks Among Gas Retailers in Customer Satisfaction Survey
EnergyPoint Research’s 2019 has published its Gasoline Retailers Customers Satisfaction Survey, in which Wawa “took top honors in both total satisfaction and service quality within the US overall, and ranked first in total satisfaction, overall value, convenience and ease, food and merchandise, and three additional categories in the Mid-Atlantic. In the Southeast, Wawa rated first in total satisfaction, overall value, and three additional categories.”
PayPal Is the First Company to Drop Out of the Facebook-Led Libra Association
PayPal has withdrawn from the Libra Association. “A high-profile, would-be partner like PayPal backing out from the effort before it’s even gotten off the ground is a big blow to Facebook and the Libra Association, which has been struggling under the weight of speculation that some of the big organizations, initially interested in collaborating on Libra, are now on the fence about the project, put off by waves of negative reaction from regulators and others that might lead to problems launching and ultimately growing the service.”
Corporate Social Responsibility
Ben & Jerry’s Maker to Slash New Plastic Use by Nearly 400,000 Tons Per Year
Unilever “has committed to halving its use of new plastic by 2025.The maker of Ben & Jerry’s and Dove announced the target on Monday. If the company meets its goal, it will use no more than 350,000 tonnes (386,000 tons) of new plastic each year from 2025, down from around 700,000 tonnes (772,000 tons) in 2018.”

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