Loyalty360 Reads: October 7: Walmart to Cover Fertility Treatments, Versace’s Customer-Focused Boutique, and More

Walmart Insurance Benefits to Cover Fertility Treatments

Walmart is teaming up with a fertility startup to offer benefits under its insurance plan. The retailer is partnering with New York-based Kindbody to offer benefits such as in-vitro fertilization as well as fertility testing. The expanded offerings build on Walmart’s Center of Excellence model, which provides benefits and coverage for certain heart, spine and joint surgeries and cancer treatments, in partnership with healthcare providers and facilities.

“Providing access to high-quality health care is very important to us, and we’ve heard from our associates that improved access to fertility, surrogacy and adoption support is a priority for them and their families,” said Kim Lupo, senior vice president, Walmart Global Total Rewards.

Versace Introduces New Store Concept for Improved CX

Versace is introducing a new store concept and expanding its retail network, while also setting out to revitalize existing boutiques around the world. Versace will be opening a series of new flagship stores alongside a worldwide rollout of a new boutique concept designed to give visitors a clear sense of the Versace universe.

The retail space aims to complement and amplify the entire Versace product line while giving customers the sense of “a full, all-encompassing experience.” Versace has also partnered with Board International to transform its retail planning as it looks to optimize allocation, replenishment, and item planning processes, to stay ahead of the evolving challenges of global sourcing and the change in consumer purchasing habits.

Black Bear Diner Expands Pickup Offerings

Black Bear Diner’s latest opening features a new vestibule pickup window as the brand continues to capitalize on pandemic off-premises sales. Off-premises sales in takeout and delivery grew to 20% or more of the brand's total sales, up from about 7% of sales pre-pandemic, and that had invigorated franchisee partners.

The Mesquite location is the fourth unit to feature the newly designed pickup window, which is in the vestibule, separated from waiting diners and convenient to the cashier-based payment area. The vestibule pickup window helps to capitalize on off-premises orders and provide a better dine in experience.

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