iMedia Brands’ ShopHQ Announces Innovative Loyalty Program
ShopHQ has launched a loyalty rewards program. “For a monthly VIP rate of $16.95, ShopHQ VIP members will receive unlimited free shipping for purchases and returns on ShopHQ as well as 5 percent cash back on all ShopHQ purchases. In addition, ShopHQ VIP members will be eligible for cash back and shipping benefits at over 1,000 other retailers who are part of ShopHQ’s special VIP network.”
USAA and Google Cloud Partner in Automotive Insurance Space
USAA and Google Cloud are working together on an AI-powered means of filing automotive insurance claims. “Once the new solution is fully up and running, a member will be able to photograph the damage after a fender-bender and USAA will immediately upload it to Google Cloud, where the images are analyzed in what USAA describes as nearly real time, in order to predict the damaged parts that will need to be repaired or replaced.”
Customer Experience
Aldi, Lidl Cut into US Grocers’ Turf
The two German discount-grocery retailers “are capturing a larger share of US grocery bills and pressuring US retailers to respond. The companies have increased sales with their simpler stores that offer fewer products at lower prices. In response, US grocers are lowering prices on staples such as milk and eggs and adding more products the discounters aren’t known for, such as fresh foods.”
Burger King’s Mascot Hand Delivers Food Through Uber Eats
Los Angeles customers who ordered Burger King through Uber Eats had their food delivered by the QSR’s mascot. “The King made several hundred such Uber Eats runs to LA-area homes with Amazon Ring doorbell cameras as part of a MullenLowe-led campaign to promote a new partnership between the fast-food chain and the ride-share-run food delivery service.”
Employee Engagement
LinkedIn Adds New Tools for Company Pages
The social platform “has added some new tools for Company Pages which aim to boost employee engagement on the platform, while also ensuring that your company information is complete.”

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