Loyalty360 Reads: October 18: PointsKash Launches Integrated Loyalty Platform, Neighbor Announces Recommerce Program, and More

PointsKash Launches Integrated Payments and Loyalty Platform

PointsKash launched its first all-inclusive payments platform that combines payment processing, technology, and a loyalty rewards program. The platform takes a concierge approach to merchant partner relationships, offering the added benefit of a direct-to-processor relationship, ensuring best-in-class support, service, and pricing, designed specifically for each partner.

The company also named Rustin Fichtner, an industry veteran with 30-plus-years' experience as Vice President of Payments, to oversee and drive the implementation of the payments side of the business.

Neighbor Announces Recommerce Program with FloorFound Partnership

Neighbor recently partnered with FloorFound to introduce an end-to-end recommerce program for outdoor furniture. The brand will now offer high-quality returned and open-box items at a discount through a branded storefront and other marketplaces. The program extends Neighbor's customer experience into post-purchase returns and resale. FloorFound manages every aspect of the program from initial return through inspection, pricing, warehousing, resale, and fulfillment.

Consumer demand for sustainability and value has made the new recommerce program a success. Nearly 80% of Neighbor items on the FloorFound marketplace have sold in the first 30 days. The end-to-end recommerce platform makes it easy find new customers, drive additional revenue, and keep items out of landfills.

Lasso Makes Consumer Purchase Data Available for Healthcare Marketing

Lasso has partnered with IRI to make the world's most extensive set of purchase data for consumer packaged goods and over-the-counter healthcare products. This partnership between omnichannel healthcare marketing and analytics platform, Lasso, and IRI provides turnkey access to decisive consumer groups for healthcare campaigns, delivering at scale with privacy and compliance in mind.

Lasso enables brands and agencies to be specific in their campaign tactics by layering any combination or exclusion of conditions based on clinical filters, demographic information, location, purchase behavior, media engagement, and more.

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