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Can a Department Store Be Modern? That’s the Goal at New York’s New Nordstrom
The retailer has opened its new flagship store in NYC. The seven-story, 320,000-square-foot space is vastly different from the Nordstroms most of us grew up with, which were likely attached to suburban malls and had the sprawling, open-concept layout of traditional department stores. In contrast, the 57th-and-Broadway flagship is about as New York as it gets, from the vertical layout to the diverse, expansive offering.
Chipotle Doubling Down on Digital Is Paying Off Wildly
Q3 saw Chipotle’s same-store sales jump 11 percent. There were several contributing factors to this growth, but as Alicia Kelso writes, “It’s pretty clear that its robust digital ecosystem is king. Digital sales this quarter rose 88 percent. That’s a staggering number to be sure, but even more so when considering the chain’s previous quarter, in which digital sales were up 100 percent.”
Toyota Will Offer Robot Taxi Rides During the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
Toyota has announced that “it will be conducting a limited ride-hailing pilot in downtown Tokyo with its fleet of ‘SAE Level-4’ automated vehicles. (SAE stands for the Society of Automobile Engineers, and Level 4 is a reference to the group’s classification for an autonomous vehicle that can perform all of the driving tasks under a specific set of conditions, such as weather or geography.) Toyota may be calling its cars Level 4, but that doesn’t mean they will be completely driverless. Japanese law requires a safety driver behind the wheel at all times who is ready to intervene and take control when necessary.”
United Airlines Overhauls Its 2020 Menu to Cater More to the Vegan Crowd
The carrier is enhancing several aspects of its customer experience (including an app update) and even rethinking its inflight menu. “To further prove its new image as a carrier committed to its customers, the airline is overhauling another major aspect of its service—its in-flight dining experience. To keep up with evolving food trends, United is offering meal selections designed to meet the demands of consumers whose preferences are shifting toward a diet that’s healthier and made with higher-quality ingredients.”
Tiffany Markets the $112,000 Days of Christmas
Tiffany & Co. is selling “a four-foot-tall Advent calendar filled with the sort of gifts that brought Holly Golightly peace of mind. The buying public, however, may find them just as out of reach as Audrey Hepburn’s character did in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which was based on Truman Capote’s short story. Only four are available, and each one costs $112,000.”

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