Loyalty and Rewards
New Amex Card Rewards Cardmembers for Being Physically Active
American Express and health and life insurance and investment company Vitality have partnered to launch an innovative new credit card that rewards Vitality members with cashback. The card has a unique health and wellbeing focus, with the total amount of cashback available to members dependent on how physically active they are in any given month. To earn points, Vitality members track their activity on a compatible device, which then syncs with their Vitality app. Members earn points for activities such as completing 7,000 steps in a day, visiting the gym or taking part in a run. The cashback booster level depends on the amount of physical activity members complete. The more activity they record, the more cashback they can earn.
Qantas, BP loyalty deal set to take off despite privacy concerns
Qantas's loyalty tie-up with BP petrol stations is set to get the green light from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission despite the regulator's misgivings over the sharing of customers' data. The ACCC said it encouraged both parties to adopt recommendations about the collection of consumer data when the regulator publishes the final report from its review of customer loyalty schemes later this year. BP's proposed switch from rival airline Virgin Australia was announced by the companies in September.
Marketing Trends
Old Navy will shift back to brand-building in a growing trend among advertisers
Gap said this week it has made the mistake of advertising its discounts at the expense of building brand loyalty for Old Navy. It seems to be a trend, as Gap joins several other companies lamenting that they’ve neglected brand marketing in favor of discounts or performance-driven ads. Adidas and Booking Holdings each said recently they’ve moved spending back to brand marketing after realizing they were spending too much in areas such as performance marketing. TripAdvisor, which has been a big spender on Google, has also made moves such as hiring a new creative agency to create more direct consumer loyalty to its brand. With short tenure times for chief marketing officers, the time to impress a board or investors can be fleeting. That can lead to an overindulgence on short-term marketing objectives.
Disneyland to debut kiosk for paperless ride passes
Disneyland plans to unveil a new centralized FastPass kiosk for three rides as part of a pilot program that will let visitors obtain paperless attraction reservations tied to the Anaheim theme park’s mobile app. The pilot program will gauge visitor usage of and reaction to the new centralized FastPass kiosk. Disneyland’s multi-year Project Stardust program has sought to find ways to relieve congestion, improve traffic flow and free up space in the 64-year-old theme park. Consolidating the FastPass kiosks into a central location in each themed land preserves precious real estate in the parks. Disneyland officials say 85 percent of guests use the Disneyland mobile app while in the park.
Paidy offers Buy Now, Pay Later financing for Amazon purchases in Japan
Paidy Inc., a Japan-based firm that offers installment financing for e-commerce transactions, announced an agreement to its Buy Now, Pay Later service on Amazon purchases in that market. Customers using Amazon.co.jp will now have the option of using the extended payments option on purchases made on the Japanese site. Customers need to enter their name, email address and mobile number on the Amazon payment screen, according to Paidy. Amazon customers using Paidy can pay the following month at convenience stores, using bank transfer or direct debit, and there is no need to enter credit card information.

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