Loyalty360 Reads: November 1st, 2018

Days Inn Canada Sponsors the Canadian Hockey League
Days Inn Canada has announced a partnership with the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). The hotel chain’s sponsorship of the CHL features a branded web presence, in-ice logo placement, and in-venue kiosks. Days Inn Canada branding will be placed at the CIBC Canada Russia Series in November, the Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game in January, and the Memorial Cup in May.

“The Canadian Hockey League is proud to welcome Days Inns Canada as part of the CHL family,” says Cole Butterworth, CHL Director of Business Operations. “With almost 30 Days Inn locations in CHL markets across the country, we think this partnership is a great fit and look forward to helping Days Inn showcase their brand and associate with CHL fans through Canada’s national pastime.”
Facebook Looks to the Future
Facebook, according to its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is doubling down on heavy investments in its business and focusing on building out new products, such as Facebook Watch, Instagram TV, and Facebook Marketplace. Increased security and fraud detection will be a focus going forward, particularly as the network moves into its next evolutionary period.
“If the last 10 years have been about friends and family, then the next 10 years will be about your communities as well,” says Zuckerberg. “When we say communities, we mean both helping people connect with [other] people who share their interests, which is a major need in people’s lives, and also building out specific services for bringing people closer together—like helping you find someone to date or find a job, or buy and sell things, or grow your small business, or create an event, or start fundraisers, or bring together a group to volunteer.”

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