Credit One Bank and American Express Launch New Cash-Back Rewards Credit Card
Credit One Bank and American Express have announced “the launch of the Credit One Bank American Express Card on October 2, 2019. Cardholders receive unlimited 1 percent rewards on all purchases, in addition to a range of benefits, from shopping protection to travel coverage.”
Dunkin’ Doubles Down on Digital with Rewards, Ordering
The QSR has made “DD Perks more flexible by expanding its multi-tender offering to members nationwide. Dunkin’ Chief Executive Officer David Hoffmann said DD Perks members can now earn rewards points ‘any way they pay,’ including cash, credit, debit or with an active enrolled Dunkin’ card. Test results have shown that multi-tender is ‘driving incremental active enrollment’ with no material impact to the margin. The company also announced the addition of on-the-go mobile guest ordering.”
Customer Experience
The Toys “R” Us Relaunch Is Giving Families Something They Can’t Buy on Amazon
The retailer “is returning to select malls in major metropolitan areas this holiday season with what it hopes is an innovative retail plan that could upend how stores sell toys. It comes two years after the company filed for bankruptcy and shuttered all its locations—seemingly for good—and just after toymaker Hasbro reported disappointing third quarter sales heading into the industry’s most crucial sales season.”
Google to Buy Fitbit, Amping Up Wearables Race
Google has reached “a deal to buy wearable fitness products company Fitbit for roughly $2.1 billion, a move that intensifies the battle among technology giants to capture consumers through devices other than smartphones. For Google, the deal marks a further push into health as it faces regulatory threats to its massive internet-search and advertising business. It also puts Google in renewed and direct competition with Silicon Valley neighbor Apple, which in the past week said rising sales of wearables and related services were becoming a bigger driver of its business.”
Employee Engagement
Uber Expands Its Pro Reward Scheme to Uber Eats Delivery People
Uber has been “fighting back against the perception that it treats it employees poorly with its Uber Pro program. Under the scheme, top drivers in the US, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, France, and New Zealand are eligible for rewards like free tuition and discounted car maintenance costs. Now, the rewards are being expanded to Uber Eats delivery partners as well.”

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