Loyalty360 Reads: May 9th, 2018

The latest news in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.

Pizza Hut Adds Beer to Pizza Delivery Option in Arizona and California
Having a two-liter bottle of soda added to a pizza delivery has been commonplace for years, but Pizza Hut announced yesterday that it is taking it to the next level. The brand said it is expanding a category-first pilot program in which (adult) customers can order a six pack of Coors Light, Blue Moon or Miller High Life to go along with the delivery of their pizza. The program is available in 100 stores across Arizona and California—for now. The beer-pizza blend is part of its commitment to provide a unique, seamless and great customer experience. While the pizza is kept in warming ovens during delivery, the beer is going to be kept in custom coolers to keep it cold. Cold beer. Hot pizza. Works for us.

It’s a Rough Day to Be…
Qantas Airlines. Members of the airline’s rewards program have been blitzing the company on social media after they began learning their frequent flyer miles mysteriously disappeared. Qantas says it’s no mystery at all, but comes as a result of two issues. It says the program clearly states that members must use the miles within 18 months or lose them, and, two, they were told that when the airline partnered with Australian grocery store chain Woolworths in 2016, all points were converted to Woolworths Rewards. If members wanted to keep them with Qantas, they had to go online and manually move them back—and that, too, it was well-publicized at the time. OK, not great way to treat customers who signed up for your rewards program and not someone else’s. Beyond that, an additional problem came when, according to one complaint, Woolworths stopped its rewards program and wiped out all of its members points. Oops.

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