Alabama Students Get a Fan Loyalty Program
Customer loyalty programs are popping up everywhere. Alabama Athletics and the University of Alabama Student Government Association have announced the launch of Tide Loyalty Points, an official fan loyalty program built for Alabama students.
H&M Offers Loyalty Shopping Program
H&M has launched a new loyalty program. “People who make the most of the H&M Member program will enjoy a slew of rewards such as the initial sign-up offer, earn points for every dollar spent, receive personalized offers including: 25 percent off an item of their choice for their birthday, Member Days, bonus points on specific merchandise, access to special shopping events, digital receipts, and free shipping on purchases over forty dollars.”
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Comcast Is Working on an In-Home Device to Track People’s Health
Comcast aims to begin pilot testing an in-home health monitoring device later this year. “The move would bring Comcast into competition with a number of technology companies, including Google, Amazon, and Apple, which have also explored how to help older people ‘age in place,’ or live independently for as long as possible.”
Even Under Amazon, Whole Foods Is Priciest Grocer
According to a study by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Whole Foods remains the priciest grocery chain in the United States. “Prime members, who were supposed to benefit most from Amazon’s ownership, only saved an additional $1.54 on a basket of over $400 when compared to non-members.”
JCPenney Gets a Chief Customer Officer
Increasingly, brands are appointing chief customer officers to ensure that customer experience and loyalty are factored in throughout the organization. JCPenney has become the most recent to do so, as it has “announced that Shawn Gensch has been named Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer, effective June 3, reporting directly to Jill Soltau, Chief Executive Officer. He will be responsible for driving aggressive customer-centric strategies to grow traffic, engagement and customer retention in addition to revitalizing the company’s brand, leading marketing initiatives across all channels, shaping the company’s messaging, and delivering an outstanding digital experience and increased customer loyalty.”

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