Loyalty360 Reads: May 26 | Fidelity Launches Rewards Program, Kroger Health Offers Free Telenutrition Service, and More

Loyalty Programs
Fidelity Launches Rewards Program for Wealth Clients
Fidelity has announced a new benefits package for its Fidelity Rewards+ members. This reward status is available to clients that have invested at least $250,000 in Fidelity’s management offerings. The status offers no-cost enrollments, automatic renewal with qualifying assets, and automatic upgrades to higher benefit tiers.
This program also offers the members the Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card with no annual fee. Early enrollees of the program can also receive a $75 one-time bonus when using the card for any amount on Amazon’s website by September 30.
Restaurants Rebel Against Delivery Apps as Cities Crack Down on Fees
Restaurants have started rebelling against third-party delivery services. Many of these services charge an exorbitant amount towards the restaurant, where the online order becomes almost unprofitable for a said restaurant.
In the above NBC News article, New York restaurant owner John Stamos was quoted, saying, “Small businesses like us need your support in this time of crisis,” Stamos writes in each note. “Online apps such as GRUBHUB ARE CHARGING US 30% of each order and $9 or more on orders made using phone numbers on their app or website … please help save the restaurant industry by ordering directly with us.”
Corporate Social Responsibility
United Turns to Clorox, Cleveland Clinic for New Sanitization Program
United Airlines has announced it is working with Cleveland Clinic and Clorox to help guide the brand’s new cleaning, safety, and social distancing measures. This includes the touchless kiosks in different locations for baggage check-ins, sneeze guards, mandatory face coverings for employees and customers as well as giving customers options when flights are fuller.  
“Safety has always been our top priority, and right now in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, it’s our singular customer focus,” said United CEO, Scott Kirby, in a video message to customers today. “We recognize that COVID-19 has brought cleanliness and hygiene standards to the front of customers’ minds when making travel decisions, and we’re not leaving a single stone unturned in our pursuit to better protect our customers and employees.”
Nike Pushes Remote Workouts to Grow App Use in Lockdown
According to a Nike spokesperson in a Front Office Sports article, the Nike Running Club app welcomed one million new runners in March and a 42 percent increase in runs logged. Nike has been working to make its digital offerings as well-known as its other offerings.
“We are dialing up the strength of Nike’s digital ecosystem to continue our strategy of building unbreakable relationships with consumers and help athletes maintain their physical and mental well-being while at home,” Heidi O’Neill, Nike’s president of consumer and marketplace, said in the above Front Office Sports article. “We are leveraging our entire digital portfolio to provide consumers with tools, motivation, and inspiration and continue to make sport a daily habit all over the world.”
Kroger Health Offers Free Telenutrition Service to Promote Healthy, Affordable Eating
Kroger has announced a free telenutrition service that will help Americans shop for, prepare, and enjoy fresh and non-perishable food during the pandemic. This service helps people with personalized support and plans for individuals and families, management of food-related health concerns, a complimentary virtual consultation with a registered dietitian through a two-way video chat, and many more.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed shopping, cooking and eating routines for households across America,” said Jim Kirby, Kroger Health’s senior director, in a Kroger press release. “Many families and individuals are for the first time exclusively relying on cooking for meals, some with limited budgets and nutrition knowledge. Through Kroger Health’s telenutrition service, our dietitians are providing free personalized nutrition advice to help our customers shop for and prepare delicious and affordable nutritious meals.”

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