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It’s “Brotox” Time as Allergan Targets Wrinkle-Free Men
On Monday, a spokesperson for Allergan discussed rolling out its first advertising campaign that directly pitches its blockbuster wrinkle-smoothing treatment Botox to men. Allergan will also be creating a U.S. medical institute to train tens of thousands of health-care professionals to inject Botox. Their consumer-loyalty program, which already has more than 3.6 million users, surely will expand with eager “bros” who are looking to live the wrinkle-free lifestyle. Believe it or not, this is not the first company to come up with the idea to pamper men. Earlier this year, Mylan NV announced a tie-up with Revance Therapeutics Inc. to develop a very similar drug. With increased competition, could we be looking at the modern-day version of the cola wars? Perhaps, “bro wars?”
Office Depot and JC Penny Step Up Their Loyalty
Recently, Office Depot and JC Penny both made announcements about upcoming changes to their loyalty programs. The changes should result in more savings and an improved customer experience. JC Penney’s new features include loyalty points rolling over from one month to the next and upgrading its app to bring this into place. Similarly, Office Depot added a card-free rewards program that’s built directly into its mobile app. Customers now earn a flat two percent return on every purchase, and rewards can be used in any Office Depot or OfficeMax location, including online stores. There’s a new “members only” program as well, which opens up personalized offers, and those who post online product reviews can get that same $2 rewards credit. The moves, which are meant to increase loyalty in a time where brick-and-mortar stores are being affected by change, surely are a step in the right direction.
CX Evaluations Get a Bump with Wendy’s
On Monday, Wendy’s announced it will be using a custom version of WorldAPP’s mobile-data collection platform to improve customer experience evaluations in its restaurants. The mobile-evaluation platform will be used to measure and improve quality, food safety and consistency in the field. The data that is gathered from the evaluations will be used to drive strategies that improve experiences at individual restaurants. With consumers shifting toward platforms with the quickest and easiest interfaces, along with increased competition in terms of food quality, it comes as no surprise that Wendy’s is doing its part to join in on the process. Whether you’re grabbing a Frosty in Kansas, Chicken Nuggets in Texas, or a Baconator in New York, Wendy’s is striving for consistency in all of its products at all of its locations.

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