Loyalty360 Reads: March 9th, 2018

The latest news in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.

Coke Mixes It Up in Japan, Adding Alcohol To Its Beverage Selection

Well, this certainly gives a new meaning to the old Coca-Cola tagline “a Coke and a smile.” The 132-year-old Atlanta-based soft drink giant is going to begin selling drinks mixed with alcohol in Japan this year. The drinks probably won’t be of the “Jack and Coke” variety, but more along the spritzer line that fall within the category known as chu-hi in Japan. Canned versions of low-alcohol (2-9 percent) drinks in the chu-hi category can often be purchased in vending machines. According to an article in The New York Times, Coke probably won’t bring anything similar to the United States after failing to work its way into the wine market in the 1970s. But, who knows. The company concocts all kinds of drinkable experiments, some of which catch on. It has a high-fiber soft drink in Japan for the older generations, and is adding an “intensely carbonated” beverage this year, apparently to appeal to those who like to burp.

What Are a Dozen Technologies That Will Disrupt Business in 2018?
We have written several articles about the types of technologies that might disrupt the loyalty industry, including artificial intelligence and augmented reality. For those who are interested in these burgeoning technologies, a dozen of them are discussed in a compelling article in CIO.com. The disruptive technologies that are discussed, the article says, will start to guide how companies achieve business results at forward-thinking organizations. Experts in various fields offered their key technology picks that should be on your radar, along with advice on how they can impact a business.
Sephora Partners with Salesforce in Europe
Sephora officials want to accelerate growth and deliver more personalized shopping journeys to their customers in Europe on any channel and any device. As a result, the company partnered with Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, to deploy Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud in Europe to accelerate growth and deliver more personalized, intelligent shopping journeys—on any channel and any device, according to an article in PR Newswire. With Commerce Cloud, the article says, Sephora Europe shoppers will receive unique content, offers and recommendations based on information such as past purchases, skin type, makeup and cosmetic preferences, and geographic regions. Last August we wrote an article about Salesforce after an interview with Keith Pearce, Vice President of Product Marketing.

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